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Dutch tablet market slows, penetration at 67% of households

Dutch tablet market slows, penetration at 67% of households

Around 5.2 million households in the Netherlands own at least one tablet, according to independent market researcher Telecompaper. However, the latest research shows that after years of rapid growth, the market penetration of tablets has hit a plateau, with no change in the past three quarters. The survey also found that medium-sized tablets are used more actively than small or large tablets, and the top three activities for Dutch consumers on their tablets are surfing the internet, gaming and social media. 

Telecompaper’s ‘Dutch Tablet Users 2015 Q4’ report reveals that two-thirds (67%) of Dutch households had at least one tablet in Q4 2015, equal to around 5.2 million households. A total 42 percent of Dutch households had one tablet, and a quarter of households had two or more of the devices. 

The tablet penetration has grown quickly over the past three years, from 22 percent of households in Q2 2012 to three times that in Q4 2015. However, in the past three quarters the overall tablet penetration hasn’t changed, suggesting the period of strong growth has come to an end.

Tablet penetration in the Netherlands

Consumers’ favourite activities on the tablet are surfing the internet, gaming and social media, according to the report. Gaming and social media are more popular among women than men, while Apple tablets are more often used for surfing the internet and Samsung tablets more for gaming. For children under 12, the top three activities are somewhat different: (educational) gaming, watching videos and video streaming, and surfing the internet. For the elderly, social media is replaced by another activity in the top 3: emailing.  

The report also reveals that the popularity of some activities varies with the size of the tablet. Making use of the tablet for activities like surfing the internet and following the news increases as the size of the tablet increases. However, the same pattern was not visible for watching and streaming videos. Medium-sized tablets (7-10 inch) are more actively used in general and score higher than average for almost all activities. For the smaller tablet (<7 inch), the opposite is true, with none of the measured activities more popular than the market average on these tablets.

The figures come from a survey of 5,200 Dutch consumers aged 12-80 during the fourth quarter of 2015 by the Telecompaper Consumer Panel.

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