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Dutch handset advertising grows 18% in 2014 – Telecompaper

Dutch handset advertising grows 18% in 2014 – Telecompaper

Spending on Dutch ads for handsets rose 18 percent last year compared to the year before, according to the latest report from Telecompaper. Operators, retailers and handset producers paid a total of EUR 295.7 million on handset advertising for print, broadcast and outdoor media, against 250 million in 2013.

The greatest growth in ad spend came from radio. The budgets for radio advertising grew by 68 percent. For outdoor adverts, spend rose by 21 percent. For print, the decline in ads for handsets was 27 percent.

Handset ad budgets grew particularly strongly at operators. They gave 19 percent more out than the year earlier. Vodafone Netherlands gave the most out among the top three operators, with its ad budget lifting 73 percent. KPN’s advanced 7 percent, at the expense of ad spend at units Hi and Telfort. Among the rest of the country’s operators, Tele2 Netherlands spent 190 percent more on handset ads.

Manufacturers of mobile products reduced their handset ad spend by 38 percent in 2014. Samsung was again the top spender from all handset producers, but the budget rose by only 1 percent. All the other large producers lowered their budgets. For example, Nokia spent 51 percent, HTC 64 percent less and Huawei 45 percent less.

Compared to 2013, Belsimpel grew in 2014 to one of the top players for handset ads, thanks to a rise in spending of about 1.6 million. Spending from other e-shops increased by more than 600 percent. Remaining retailers spent 183 more on handset ads in 2014.

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