Sunday , 22 September 2019
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Digitalk partners with Vodafone to support MVNOs

Digitalk partners with Vodafone to support MVNOs

Digitalk partners with Vodafone to support MVNOs

Digitalk has partnered with Vodafone UK to integrate MVNO brands within the network, allowing new and established MVNO’s to quickly launch tailor-made services.

The MVNE has announced that its real time mobile cloud platform will provide Vodafone’s MVNOs with the ‘flexibility and scalability to launch a differentiated mobile brand’. The company explained that MVNOs will be able to roll out a number of specific services without deploying additional components to the network.

Speaking to Mobile, CSO Mark Ashdown explained the focus is on making sure an MVNO can remain in the market following its launch. Digitalk provides MVNOs with the tools to be both proactive and reactive in the UK, he added.

He said: ‘It is about providing a solid foundation. The UK market in particular is a highly competitive marketplace, once an MVNO is in the marketplace we need to provide the tools to allow them to stay there and be proactive and reactive.

‘Using our platform they can start to tailor make their services because the part an MVNO needs to play in the mobile world is one of differentiation. The main mobile networks are fiercely competitive, UK prices compared to other western European countries are pretty low to start with and MVNOs come to chip away at that even further. It can’t always be about a race to the bottom, it’s about creating value for the MVNO in given areas and being able to target your product.

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