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CREDO Mobile Lets You Support a Progressive Cause You Care About – PhoneDog

CREDO Mobile Lets You Support a Progressive Cause You Care About – PhoneDog

With Donald Trump sitting as the POTUS, millions of Americans have been strongly against the decisions he has made; most importantly with the Environmental Protection Agency. But with him in power, what can the ordinary American citizen do?

What if there was a way you could support the causes that fights against the actions of this administration? What if you could do your part by simply changing your mobile phone provider?

This is where CREDO Mobile comes into the picture.

Ever since its inception in 1985, CREDO Mobile has been lobbying for the progressive causes it supports. It manages to make monthly donations from the revenue it makes to nonprofits that its customers have selected.

So what does that have to do with you?


When you purchase a wireless phone or service from CREDO Mobile, the mobile phone company donates a part of its revenue to progressive causes they believe can make a change in important issues.

To date, the San Francisco-based company has made a donation of over $83 million to various organizations such as the ACLU, Doctors without Borders, Black Lives Matter, and the Rainforest Action Network. A monthly donation of $150,000 is made to three organizations that have been selected and voted upon by the 5 million activists using CREDO Mobile. In 2016, the company donated $2.6 million. They have also been named as the largest corporate donor of Planned Parenthood.

Among the topics that the mobile phone company supports include LGBTQ and civil rights, Wall Street accountability, climate change, women’s rights, and many more. These are just some of the things that Trump’s administration is against.

Not to mention, CREDO Mobile promises to never sell the data of its customers. As of this writing, they are the only mobile service that the Electronic Frontier Foundation has awarded a five-star rating for its privacy practices.

As a cellular phone service, CREDO Mobile operates on the largest and most reliable 4G LTE network in the U.S. They are considered a Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) that uses either Verizon’s or Sprint’s network, depending on their customers’ preference. Their plans look like this:

  • $30 – 1GB plan
  • $40 – 3GB plan
  • $60– 6GB plan

For every phone connected to a plan, a $202 line access fee is charged.

There’s also an option to get unlimited data:

  • Single Line: $65 + $20 line access fee comes with unlimited data
  • Multiline: $105 + $20 line access fee comes with unlimited data

Up to five lines may share one pool of data for any plan.

The very selling point of CREDO Mobile is what makes them stand out from the other companies in the market. Each of their customers know that they are using a mobile phone service that supports the organizations that they hold dear. So while you pay a monthly price for a plan similar to the amount you’d likely pay with a major carrier, you still get to do your share in lobby for progressive causes.

You can check out the recent campaigns and petitions made by CREDO Mobile here. And you can click here for a list of CREDO’s recent donations.

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