Thursday , 5 December 2019
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Why are MVNOs so hot right now? Thank the carriers

Why are MVNOs so hot right now? Thank the carriers   Mobile virtual network operators are sprouting up like crazy all over the U.S. after becoming nearly extinct a few years ago. Why the renaissance? According to two of those new virtual operators, GSM Nation and TIng, the big carriers are finally letting MVNOs spread their wings. Virtual operators are ... Read More »

The MVNO Phenomenon

The MVNO Phenomenon Mobile network operators (MNOs) are feeling the crunch. Consumption continues to climb as revenue growth and market penetration are plateauing. But MNOs around the world are finding new vitality by embracing the concept of mobile virtual network operators (MVNOs) and are taking the ability to become mobile virtual network enablers (MVNEs) to new heights. One source from ... Read More »

Set Up MVNO UK, An independant view, Part 1

Set Up MVNO UK. by Shams Moghul. Shams Moghul currently holds a (Mobile Product Manager) position in a UK based MVNE, his division is (Next Generation Communications Apps).   How does one go about setting up a UK based MVNO in 2014?   This write up is a totally independent look in to setting up an MVNO in ... Read More »