Friday , 22 June 2018
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WhatsApp, fake news and gadgets: 5 interesting trends in digital news

What’s the latest? Maciej Luczniewski/Getty Images People are more and more willing to share news via messaging apps, says the Reuters Institute’s latest report on digital media. The research, released Thursday, was based on a YouGov survey of over 74,000 online news consumers in 37 countries. We also learned fewer people are looking to social media for news and that ... Read More »

Gmail for iOS is using AI to prioritize your notifications

Mobile email notifications are a nightmare. You always have new email. So as part of its big Gmail redesign, Google is aiming to make alerts for its mobile apps more useful. Starting with the Gmail iOS app (and soon for Android), the company is rolling out notifications for high priority messages. It’s powered by AI and machine learning to determine ... Read More »

The esports arena at E3 2018 puts mobile gaming center-stage

Video game fans in North America are waking up to the possibilities behind mobile esports, following in the footsteps of the Asian market, which has been quicker to embrace professional Android and iOS gaming. Mobile esports games include Honor of Kings, Clash Royale and Arena of Valor, a League of Legends-style title that was showcased at E3 2018 in the ... Read More »

Microsoft rebuilding the Office interface to align it across Web, mobile, and desktop

Enlarge / Web Word with its new simplified ribbon. Microsoft Office today has a whole bunch of versions—the traditional, fully featured Win32 desktop applications and their near counterparts on the Mac, along with various simpler versions for the Web, mobile, and Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Presently, these various incarnations all have similarities in their interfaces, but they’re far from consistent. ... Read More »

'Elder Scrolls' on mobile isn't great

The universe of Elder Scrolls feels too big to fit on a phone, and it kind of is. Elder Scrolls Bladesis Bethesda’s attempt to give iOS and Android players a taste of its beloved high-fantasy franchise. It’s a free game that includes streamlined character and city builders, and two different regions to explore (that’s how many were in the demo ... Read More »

Zimbabwe: Mobile Gadgets a Tricky Maze for Schools

opinionBy Leroy Dzenga Two independent schools were last week forced to issue public statements distancing themselves from unruly behaviour exhibited by their students in internet videos that went viral. Chisipite Senior School had to apologise after six of its students were captured on video singing an obscene song made popular by Dynamos fans who sit in the Vietnam stand at ... Read More »

Bob Ross can mellow you out through a mobile app

Be honest: if you’ve watched Bob Ross’ The Joy of Painting, it was probably more for his ultra-relaxing voice than his artistic advice. More than a few people have admitted to nodding off to his episodes. If so, you’ll be glad to hear that his dulcet tones are available on-demand through your phone. Calm has released an officially approved Bob ... Read More »

Mobile wallet penetration in HK grows by 30%, WeChatPay leads the way by small margin

 Mobile wallet is gaining tremendous popularity as it allows consumers to make payments right from their smartphone across the board, including paying for things like daily groceries and taxi rides. In the latest ‘GroupM Mobile Wallet’ study, a total of 603 Hong Kong residents aged 18-54 who used a smartphone in the past 12 months were invited to complete an online survey ... Read More »

Every bloody gadget in the house is ringing. Thanks, EE

Smart numbers make UK debut “Do not think your house is a hide-out, it is a telephone,” complained Ted Hughes in his poem Do Not Pick Up The Telephone, and EE is helping bring that dystopian vision to life. The mobile giant today launched a virtualised number service called Smartnumber, which can transfer calls intended for your primary mobile number ... Read More »