Friday , 22 March 2019
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Adobe VP of strategy to discuss marketing cloud at GrowthBeat

GrowthBeat, our new event exploring the data, apps, and science of successful marketing, is coming up on August 5-6 in San Francisco. Today we’re excited to announce a new session with Adobe VP of Strategy John Mellor. Adobe is one of the four big marketing cloud vendors that have emerged over the past year or so. The other three are Oracle, ... Read More »

How one gaming company is going out of its way to keep its employees happy (guest post)

It’s vital that we, as a gaming software company, attract and retain talented and dynamic individuals. For companies that rely on highly creative staff in order to maintain a competitive edge, an inventive recruitment and retention ethos is paramount. It’s also their duty to nurture a vibrant and eclectic working environment, empowering employees through job satisfaction and quality of life. ... Read More »

Netflix hits a milestone 50M global subscribers

Above: The new Netflix logo. Image Credit: Logo via Netflix, background by Eric Blattberg Netflix has hit a milestone 50 million total registered monthly subscribers of its streaming video service, the company announced today in its Q2 2014 earnings report. Netflix recently announced that it intended to raise prices for its monthly service, choosing first to boost rates for new ... Read More »

Addvocate launches a new employee-powered social marketing platform, hires new CEO

Image Credit: Source: Addvocate Months after the departure of former CEO Marcus Nelson, Addvocate is still on track and releasing a new version of its social media platform today. Addvocate’s platform doesn’t spend a ton of time trying to drum up excitement about a company by getting customers or fans happy. Instead, it focuses on empowering current employees to share ... Read More »

NBA star Carmelo Anthony turns investor, co-founds M7 Tech Partners

Athletes need a fallback plan once their bodies can no longer compete, and for former pro basketball player Carmelo Anthony, it’s investing in tech startups. Today, Anthony and former Bertelsmann Direct North America chief executive Stuart Goldfarb are announcing the formation of a new venture capital fund, M7 Tech Partners. M7′s first investment is Hullabalu, a company that makes story-based tablet apps ... Read More »

Auto camera maker Mobileye starts road show for $500 million IPO

The energy around auto tech has surged in recent years, as consumer infotainment and safety gadgetry has found its way into cars. One company, on the safety tech side, has started the traditional pre-IPO tour soon-to-be public companies do, to talk to press and investors and to drum up buzz. Israel-based Mobileye makes a series of windshield-mounted cameras that provide ... Read More »

10,000-developer survey: 2% of coders split staggering 54% of all app revenue

It’s a Darwinian world out there. And not many are winning. A new 10,000-developer survey by Developer Economics says that 50 percent of iOS developers and 47 percent of Android developers are “below the app poverty line” and making less than $500 per app per month. That means “the majority of app businesses are not sustainable at current revenue levels,” Developer Economics ... Read More »

Cubii lets you pedal under your desk to stay fit while you sit

Above: You can exercise your feet with Cubii while sitting. Image Credit: FitnessCubed Advances in technology promote a sedentary lifestyle. If you sit at a desk for more than six hours, you may want something like Cubii to keep your body active throughout the day. FitnessCube’s just-launched Cubii elliptical trainer fits under your desk so you can pedal while you’re working. It can help you stay ... Read More »

Daniel Ellsberg: Snowden was ‘the one person in the f***ing NSA’ that did the right thing

Above: Former NSA contractor Edward Snowden. Image Credit: Laura Poitras Over the weekend, two of the most famous whistleblowers in U.S. history, Edward Snowden and Pentagon papers leaker Daniel Ellsberg, sat down at the HopeX hacker conference in New York to discuss how technology can empower dissent and protect your privacy. What began as a calm panel on the state of whistleblowing quickly evolved ... Read More »