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Bauble Bar humanizes its brand with cancer-focused social fundraiser

Bauble Bar humanizes its brand with cancer-focused social fundraiser

Bauble Bar's Instagram post announcing its social campaign for LLS

Bauble Bar’s Instagram post announcing its social campaign for LLS

New York-based jewelry retailer Bauble Bar is requesting social photo submissions in a campaign that supports survivors of leukemia and lymphoma diseases and is donating $1 for every photo submitted.

The As Good As Gold campaign features guest bartender Megan Runser, a survivor of Hodgkin’s lymphoma. Bauble Bar has build a collection of jewelry that describes her style and is donating 100 percent of net proceeds to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society.

“Campaigns like this and this past summer’s ALS Ice Bucket Challenge redirect the focus when it comes to charitable social-media branding,” said Mark Cluett, marketing manager at Polar, Toronto. “By celebrating the human element of these products and events and showcasing the fun people have when giving back and contributing, sharable bite-sized pieces of content are easily made.

“When brands put their muscles behind content that generates such goodwill, people are naturally inclined to spread the word,” he said. “It’s a win-win.”

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Mr. Cluett is not affiliated with Bauble Bar but agreed to comment as an industry expert.

Bauble Bar did not comment before press deadline.

Reaching out
This year has shown a great volume of activity circled around social fundraisers promoting common diseases, such as the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and public donations that have been made for Ebola research.

These acts have filled the air on social networks, creating trending hashtags and greater, live movements. Due to the level of awareness that social media can help spread, individual consumers, top business executives and even brands are reaching out to help a good cause.

Bauble Bar does not want to be left out.

For its ongoing guest bartender program, Bauble Bar selected Ms. Runser to work with the brand and build her own jewelry collection.

While 100 percent of the net proceeds from the collection’s purchased products will be given to the LLS, Bauble Bar is also activating its social followers on Instagram and Twitter to participate in another way.

For photos posted that showcases users’ source of strength, Bauble Bar will donate $1 to the LLS. Users are asked to include the hashtag #AsGoodAsGold.

Users can submit photos now through Dec. 31.

Social causes action
An endless amount of brands use social to drive their fundraising efforts.

For example, Toys “R” Us is again leveraging NBA legendary player Shaquille O’Neal to promote its Toys for Tots fundraiser as well as the hashtag #PlayItForward, a video series and exclusive social content across Instagram, Twitter and Facebook.

For every photo shared using the hashtag, Toys “R” Us will donate an additional toy, or the equivalent cash value, to the Marine Toys for Tots Foundation, up to $150,000. Toys “R” Us is utilizing a strong social trend to spread awareness of its efforts and do good this holiday season (see story).

For its recent winter season, Australian apparel brand Banjo and Matilda hosted its annual clothing drive Sweater Exchange with an offering of a giveaway.

Since 2009, Banjo and Matilda partners with Mission Australia and Audi Centre Sydney to acquire used sweaters from its followers to give to women and children in need. In return, the brand offered a $50 gift card as a reward for participating (see story).

“By partnering with Ms. Runser for the guest bartender program, Bauble Bar humanizes itself,” Mr. Cluett said. “This creates an elevation beyond brand and shows that Bauble Bar cares about their customers.

“Cancer has effected so many, and having a product and campaign that doesn’t focus on the negative, and instead celebrates those who are living with the disease lets Bauble Bar fans know they can shop with conscious and give back while doing so,” he said.

Final Take
Caitlyn Bohannon is an editorial assistant on Mobile Commerce Daily, New York

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