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Apple Music now has 10 million paying subscribers, reports say

Apple Music now has 10 million paying subscribers, reports say

by Chris Smith 11 January 2016

Apple Music

Apple Music has now amassed a whopping ten million subscribers in six months, a figure Spotify took six years to achieve, according to to reports.

Although Apple hasn’t made any recent announcements, FT sources say Apple has reached the landmark number of paying customers.

The figure is way up from Apple’s last statement in October, when Tim Cook revealed 6.5 million people were handing over cash for the streaming service.

Meanwhile, Spotify announced it passed the 10m landmark back in mid-2014, a figure which has since ballooned beyond 20 million in the ensuing 18 months.

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While Apple’s rapid rise in the streaming sector is impressive, compared with Spotify, it doesn’t necessarily point to a warning sign for the Swedish firm.

Whereas Spotify gradually built subscribers in the early days of streaming over downloads, Apple is joining the fray with the medium firmly established (thanks largely to Spotify).

Apple also benefits from having its service built into iOS devices, with a free three month trial, before consumers are asked to hand over a penny.

The firm’s decision to offer the service on Android devices, should also see a bump in paid subscribers, once the free trial period begins to expire for early adopters.

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