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Airtel-Vodafone select Nokia Networks as supplier for 4G in the Channel Islands

Airtel-Vodafone select Nokia Networks as supplier for 4G in the Channel Islands

Published on: 14th Nov 2014

Airtel Vodafone has selected Nokia Networks, the world’s specialist in mobile broadband, as sole supplier for its 4G network in the Channel Islands. The operator is making a multimillion pound investment in the Channel Islands to upgrade its services.

Nokia Networks will be providing all the equipment and service expertise for the installation of 4G.

Airtel-Vodafone’s CEO, Ian Campbell, said: “Our 4G network will bring a level of speed and accessibility that will transform the way islanders access the internet, and it is vital that we have the very best infrastructure possible. Nokia Networks is a top-end European supplier and has extensive experience in implementing similar deployments with leading operators across the globe. We chose this vendor because we know that it has the reliability and level of expertise needed to execute this project in line with our expectations.”

Airtel-Vodafone expects 4G services to be available in the first half on 2015.

Tejinder Kalra, head of the Airtel-Vodafone customer team at Nokia Networks said: “The Airtel-Vodafone technical team already has significant experience in deploying 4G networks and we are delighted to support the company to the benefit of their customers across the Channel Islands.”

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