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Switching from Android to iPhone or the other way round


Switching from Android to iPhone or the other way round The fight between iOS and Android will continue as long as both operating systems exist. Some users prefer the simple but consistent Platform of Apple’s tight ecosystem. Some want much more control over their devices, which Android offers as open source software. There are good and bad to both platforms. …

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UK cost of living crisis mobile phone users switching for better deals

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UK cost of living crisis mobile phone users switching for better deals UK MVNOs & MNOs, shaking customer loyalty with operators as most customers think they are overpaying for their current mobile phone bill. With Pricing Soring Up and the cost-of-living crisis continuing to rise throughout the UK, the telecoms industry is beginning to get the same economic headwinds as …

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Slack’s redesigned Android and iOS apps are live now – The Verge

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[ad_1] Slack is making its big mobile redesign official today by pushing the changes live on the public versions of both its Android and iOS apps. The redesign’s standout feature is a new navigation bar at the bottom that lets you more easily get to critical parts of the app, such as your direct messages and your mentions, without having …

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Developing Mobile Apps? Don't Forget the Desktop – ITPro Today

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[ad_1] Developing mobile apps? Why wouldn’t you? We live in an increasingly mobile-centric world. As of 2020, Americans spend more than half of their time online using mobile devices instead of desktops, and 63% of all online traffic in the United States comes from mobile. The numbers are likely even starker in countries where many individuals don’t have PCs at …

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Why Aren’t Enterprises Developing More Mobile Apps? –

Developing More Mobile Apps

[ad_1] We live in a mobile age, and enterprise IT leaders recognize it. But even though 64.5% of enterprises say that mobility is a top IT priority, most won’t deploy more than five mobile apps this year, according to a December study from Enterprise Mobility Forum. That’s a very small number, especially considering that large organizations manage an average of …

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How a Facebook bug broke major iOS apps from Spotify, Venmo, and DoorDash – The Verge

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[ad_1] Sometime around 6:30PM ET on May 6th, popular iOS apps from major companies like DoorDash, Spotify, TikTok, and Venmo suddenly starting crashing. The culprit didn’t remain a mystery for long. Developers on Twitter and GitHub quickly discovered the cause to be an issue with the software development kit (SDK) from Facebook, which is interwoven into the operation of countless …

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