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The author, Euphoria Telecom chief technology officer Nic Laschinger

In my previous article, I discussed the importance of analytics for your business phone solution. I also highlighted why every business is now a call centre business, given the rapid rate of digital transformation. In this article, I’ll touch on why every company can use call centre tools to streamline operations and improve performance.

Debunking the contact centre myth

When I say “call centre”, it’s likely you have an image in your mind of a big group of people in a room or cubicles on their phones all day, cold calling, trying to make sales or dealing with customer complaints.

Today, many call centres operate remotely, with workforces spread out nationally or even in other countries. This is just one of the advantages of choosing a call centre solution that is universally appealing – not only to call centre businesses but to any organisation, regardless of its industry sector.

Beyond call centres, about 42% of African employees work remotely at least once a week, and businesses have had to review their models and operating procedures to accommodate that. In this context, a contact centre solution is not just for call centres. It is for everyone who is moving their business into the modern age and managing employees on site, remotely and on the road.

Everything, everywhere, all at once

It’s important to distinguish between the different types of extensions or “seats” you have on your business telephone system. Your business can have multiple types of extensions under one umbrella.

For example, you might need several contact centre seats to manage different departments in a contact centre. However, if you don’t run a contact centre, your organisational structure may only need one contact centre seat for management purposes.

A simple base extension would do the job for callers who only need to use a phone on an ad hoc basis. And for users that need to transfer calls or handle more complicated tasks telephonically, you would use an enterprise extension.

Each type of extension comes with different capabilities, optional add-ons and costs. And whether you run a call centre or any other kind of business, there is a configuration you can tailor-make to fit your business and budget.

Seamless remote working capability 

A cloud-based, VoIP business phone system like Euphoria’s enables full remote working capability for your entire workforce – or anyone who needs to work offsite regularly. Unlike traditional phone systems, cloud-hosted VoIP call centre systems make and receive calls via the Internet and calls can be made or received via a mobile phone app, a softphone interface on a computer or from a dedicated VoIP handset.

Remote workforce management can be challenging if you don’t have the right tools to make it work. With the Euphoria integrated call centre solution, however, it becomes an exact science.

Modern, cloud-hosted call centre solutions incorporate remote time and attendance tracking. These features provide a holistic view of your employees’ working day, from their first login in the morning to sign-off at the end of the day.

Employees stay logged in when available and can pause their sessions if they go on a break. This activity can be viewed globally across the organisation, so you can see which staff members are available at any time.

With these systems in place, you can implement KPI (key performance indicator) structures based on accurate data about employees’ average talk time, workload and capacity. All the data you need can be viewed on Euphoria’s cloud-hosted TMS (telephone management system), which makes it easy to extrapolate insights that can help you reorganise to achieve better results.

Business-enabled telephony

Call centre technology has evolved alongside digital transformation. Perhaps it’s time we renamed it so it can be perceived for what it truly is – a one-size-fits-any business solution regardless of whether it’s a call centre or not. For now, let’s use “business-enabled telephony” because cloud-hosted VoIP telephony will work for you no matter what your company does.

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About Euphoria Telecom
Euphoria Telecom is a leading provider of an innovative, cloud-based, cost effective business telephone service that offers unprecedented control and automated operational efficiency. The solution offers any business a truly simple approach to managing communications across an increasingly decentralised and mobile workforce. Seamless integration and automation make it simple for businesses to access insights, reports and efficacy of communications.

The company has earned a reputation as a customer-centric business, decreasing customer telephony costs by up to 50% and maintaining excellent customer service. Established in 2010, the company now proudly hosts over 4 000 business customers in South Africa and continues to grow rapidly. The company was founded by George Golding, Conrad de Wet and Rafal Janik, and is managed by John Woollam and Nic Laschinger.

  • The author, Nic Laschinger, is chief technology officer at Euphoria Telecom
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