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What Is Digital Detox Challenge? Ditch Gadgets For 24 Hours And Win $2,400


  • Reviews.org says it will pay the winners $2,400 for surviving a whole day without screens
  • Applications will be open until March 26 and winners will be announced on March 29
  • A recent survey shows Americans interact with their gadgets once every nine minutes

Technology has played a vital role in our lives amid the ongoing COVID-19 health crisis, with gadgets such as smartphones, tablets and computers becoming the go-to platform for socialization, work and study. But they have their downsides too and it is sometimes necessary to take a break from screens. And there is no better time than now to do that as one a company is willing to offer $2,400 to those who participate in a 24-hour digital detox challenge.

The group behind the contest is Reviews.org, a company that tests products and services related to connectivity. It may sound simple but a day without access to digital entertainment and online connectivity can be quite difficult.

“Do you need to escape your daily routine with a digital detox? We know it’s hard to take even a day away from work, school, socializing, games, and the endless scrolling and streaming online, but what if we could make it worth your while?” the company said in a tweet. 

A recent survey conducted by Reviews.org shows Americans are extremely addicted to their mobile phones. On average, people interact with their gadgets once every nine minutes, which is roughly 160 times a day. Television usage clocks in at a little over 56 hours every week, the company said.

People in the United States and Australia can participate in the challenge. Those interested can register on Reviews.org’s website on or before March 26, 2021. They will have to sign up and fill out a somewhat lengthy survey.

Not everyone who applies will be selected. The names of those who qualify will be announced on March 29 on the official group’s YouTube channel. An email will also be sent to the chosen applicants and they will get seven days to accept or decline their entry into the digital detox challenge.

Gadgets that will be banned during the challenge include TVs, smartphones, smartwatches/wearables, computer/laptops, gaming consoles/handheld and smart-enabled home devices. Microwave ovens are apparently allowed for meal preparation.

A safe will be provided to the contestants to store the “prohibited items.” In order to aid the contestants in their 24-hour gadget-free ordeal, Reviews.org will provide them a $200 Amazon gift card to purchase a “tech-less survival kit.”

Reviews.org offering a $2,400 prize for winners. Photo: Reviews.org

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