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Truecaller has some new features coming in for Android users; check details here – Business Today


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Truecaller has announced five new features that are all expected to roll out over the coming weeks and are being brought to Android users for now. The communications platform has not mentioned anything about when these features, or at least some of them, might come to iOS yet.

The new features rolling out on Truecaller on Android include a Voice Call Launcher for VoIP calling, Passcode Lock for SMS inbox, enhanced Call Logs, simplified and instant Call reason, an AI Smart Assistant, and face filters for Video Caller ID.

The Voice Call Launcher for VoIP calling will make it easier for users to find contacts who are available on Truecaller Voice allowing you to connect with them with just a tap over VoIP-based calls.

The Passcode Lock for SMS, as is self-explanatory, adds a passcode to lock your SMS’ on Truecaller. If your device supports biometric or fingerprint authentication, that can be used too in place of a code lock.

Truecaller’s Enhanced Call Logs brings in optimisation of call logs that enable and support up to 6,400 entries as compared to the 1,000 entries that were available in the last version.

Truecaller is rolling out an Improved Call Reason feature that can be added to a call while it is on. The platform explains that if your call is not accepted, while the phone is ringing, you can add an ‘instant Call Reason’ – like “It’s important” or “Can we talk?”, etc. There are some predefined Call Reasons on the app and you can customise them as you prefer.

Face Filters for Video Caller ID on Truecaller aims to make the calling experience more “exciting and personalised”. There are built-in templates with VR-powered filters that will allow users to apply their level of personalisation to the whole process.

As the platform mentioned, these are all rolling out over the next few weeks and will be available to all Truecaller users.

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