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Top Mobile Apps To Install On Your Smartwatch In 2019 – MobileAppDaily

Top Mobile Apps To Install On Your Smartwatch In 2019 – MobileAppDaily

Although luxury watches like Rolex Oyster Perpetual or Tag Heuer Carrera still dominate the world watch market, there is no denying that smartwatches are slowly integrating into our society, a possible success, no doubt, thanks to a large number of smartwatch applications that make it possible for us to make it happen.

Who wouldn’t say just a few years ago that we would have a device in our hands from science fiction films? Something since 2013 thanks to truly real technological advancements whose main goal was optimal integration with Smartphones.

In other words, it functions as a mobile extension because you can read messages, calendars, check the weather, the agenda and so on. In short, all the applications you want to connect to.

Best Mobile Apps For Your Smartwatch

Then, if there is an Internet connection, it can be a very interesting device that besides entertaining can be an ideal tool for our work or study. We have selected several smartwatch applications that you can attach to your smartwatch:  

Remember that we can divide the application into two basic types, some are dedicated to modifying the behavior of Android Wear and others responsible for adjusting the clock’s appearance:

1. Speech Recognition  

This application will be very basic in your smartwatch because you will save a lot of time accessing functions. Luckily if you already have a smartwatch, you should know that this application is usually equipped with an Android package. 

2. Clothing store 

This is one of the first smartwatch applications you should look for if your device does not enter it even though it is usually installed. Through this application, you can access the official online application store for your watch.

Don’t forget that you can also find a very interesting free application. This is a shop with a simple interface where you can easily download applications. 

3. Showear 

The practical application for blocking your watch and avoiding it from curiosity and practicality is very important because it is usually very vulnerable as in most cell phones. 

4. Android Wear Calculator 

Another very useful smartwatch application that can get us out of more than one hurry, besides being a good tool for domestic accounts, work or study. Even though the design is rather simple, it has several functions until you can calculate sines, cosines, logarithms, etc. 

5. WearTasker application 

An application that can speed up your access to the watch function because it can automate the actions we program. For example, connect to airplane mode to save energy. 

6. Tweechip 

It is one of the simplest smartwatch applications to only answer tweets, but you can also visit profiles or timelines. 

7. Videos for Android Wear & Youtube 

With this totally free application, you can watch Youtube videos easily, without having to search from Google. 

8. Runtastic 

A very interesting application that can turn your watch into a sports tool especially because when you play sports, you can follow everything that happens on your telephone line. 

Smart Watch Applicstions

9. MyRoll  

This is a photo gallery application for storing and sharing photos that you take from your watch. It also has a choice of moments where you automatically select photos by making collages. 

10. Evernote 

One of the most famous smartwatch applications which, although very simple, is very useful. This only works for record management and task management.

11. Instaweather

Designed for people who want information about time. This is one of the simplest smartwatch applications but at the same time can be interesting which also has a different fun interface that changes with time. 

Smartwatch Applications

For example, this is a rainy day because an umbrella appears. The most interesting thing is that in its own scope through striking schemes we can observe the evolution of time, forecast, temperature, moon phase, etc. 

12. Google Now 

This is a very practical calendar that can remind you of appointments and other assignments through notifications. A simple but very useful application that can really help manage your daily tasks.

Mobile applications are the reason why the transformation from ordinary watches to versatile assistants runs smoothly. Today is the era of smartwatches, so make sure to stay tuned with MobileAppDaily for all the latest updates!

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