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The power of integrated VoIP and CRM – Telecompaper

Research into business productivity and customer retention has proven how integrated cloud communication has the ability to empower a business and promote innovation, efficiency and integration. Cloud communication, also known as VoIP, has become much more than just a way businesses interact with their partners and customers. There is an increasing trend of small to medium size growing businesses seeking to adopt cost-effective communication technology such as business phone systems, also known as a PBX.  Business communication challenges include how to unify external and internal conversations and provide quality sustained customer experience through communicating with customers and taking care of their needs. This is often accomplished by providing effective tools and technology for customer care teams. Using advanced CRM (customer relationship management) solutions that integrate with your phone systems are commonly a quick win, instantly providing a unified solution.

Zadarma, is a leading VoIP provider and offers an integrated communication solution, with their Cloud PBX and their own CRM solution. Zadarma’s ZCRM provides a multifunctional customer relationship management system, which fully integrates with Zadarma’s PBX. Zadarma’s PBX also integrates into most CRMs. Zadarma has been promoting the advantages of VoIP-CRM integrations for years, allowing seamless connection of customer’s CRM accounts with business phone systems, and exchange data between the platforms. The result is increased productivity and flexibility for customer services and sales teams, and an improved internal and external communication service. 

Zadarma believes integrated VoIP business telephony and CRM system integration are an incredibly powerful combination for voice communication of the future. Here are more benefits around integrated cloud communication:

  • Better customer service & customer management – Zadarma’s integrated PBX with CRM allows customer teams to connect any amount of phone numbers in multiple locations and across markets. Calls can be directed easily to appropriate employees. A customer service representative can easily anticipate a customer’s needs in real-time with the customer profile automatically populating from the incoming call. The customer services team can record and store notes from each call.
  • Increased cost savings and efficiencies – With VoIP and CRM integration, new contacts are automatically created with unknown incoming calls and easily add follow-up notes to the customer profile which saves time and can motivate teams. This improves allocation of resources, reduces ineffective man-hours, and improves customer satisfaction. Cost savings are one of the benefits of VoIP that any business can appreciate. You can only install so many traditional phone lines and costs quickly add up, especially if your business regularly makes long-distance calls. Traditional phone lines also typically charge for each minute of call time, where with VoIP your only costs are your monthly charges with additional free benefits such as the highly valuable CRM, call tracking and IVR features.
  • Improved internal communications & team management  – Businesses often interact with customers and employees on several different platforms. A unified VoIP and CRM system provides the possibility of monitoring a variety of communications in real time, even when working remotely or away from the office, which streamlines internal processes. 
  • Better tracking of performance – With the help of VoIP-CRM integrated solutions, team managers are able to receive useful, relevant information on each team member’s performance. This data is useful in optimising staffing requirements, monitoring staff activities and distributing workload. can be easily achieved by constant and accurate call logging through the CRM. Some VoIP providers will also have call tracking and call analytics features for further team analysis and strategic insight. Real time calling data allows for every call to be logged, no call is missed providing productive and accessible call information which can be analysed with further analytics. 
  • Integrated sales and marketing – CRM data is important for marketing managers when analysing customer behaviour and developing sales or promotional campaign strategies. CRM reports and sales funnel data help marketing staff assist sales people better. VoIP-CRM integrated call data is a useful tool in assessing the effectiveness of different strategies and evaluating the customer experience.
  • Easy installation and maintenance – Integrated VoIP with CRM is easy to install even for those who are less technical. There is no need to have expert technicians running phone wiring throughout your office. IP phones are virtually plug-and-play. With one provider for both VoIP & CRM then 24/7 support can be streamlined.
  • Scalability – If your business is looking to grow in time, then VoIP with CRM integration is a sensible move. Traditional phone systems are far more difficult to scale whilst VoIP supports your efficiency and productivity while remaining highly cost effective. You can add a line as you hire a new employee and eliminate lines when downsizing.

In general, CRM systems provide a platform to manage, organise and track a company’s interaction with existing or potential customers and partners. If your business is focused on growth then an integrated VoIP-CRM will be highly valuable. You will have access to more data to analyse and therefore can better optimise your growth strategy. The collection of customer transaction activities and histories, will create more data for targeted marketing and sales outreach.

Zadarma has been flying the flag for integrated cloud communications for decades. Incorporating VoIP technology into a CRM system increases the functionality of the overall solution. It strongly contributes to improved productivity of employees and will provide a powerful competitive advantage over your competition, providing a solid, reliable foundation for future growth and business development. 

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