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Voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone systems are the cornerstone of many companies’ communication strategies. The ability to make and receive calls over the internet enables businesses to reduce costs and stay in touch from wherever they are located.

This is only possible, though, with superior technology, which is why many experts consider VOIP a key to the future prosperity of a business.

The benefits of VOIP services are numerous; despite being a mainstream communication option, the technology is still evolving.

With that said, what can we expect from VOIP going forward?

1. Demand for unified communications

Employers are finding that a unified communication system allows workers to communicate faster and more efficiently, giving them valuable time in which they can work on other matters.

The first major benefit of a unified communication system is that it creates a single point of communication for each team member. This means you have one inbox to check when you get into work, and one stack of messages waiting for your response. Unlike with e-mail and phone calls, there is no need to switch back and forth between multiple apps and accounts.

Tools such as Bria Enterprise are designed to provide easy-to-deploy unified communications and collaboration (UCC) solutions for businesses and resellers.

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2. Integration with IOT

As the IOT grows, so will VOIP phones. This is because they are capable of doing so much more than simply making and receiving calls.

There are a lot of things that need to be considered. For example, the future of VOIP phones relies on widespread connectivity.

To make sure that VOIP phones function properly, a strong and stable connection is needed – especially with all the features they’re capable of.

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3. 5G and improving the quality of service

Speaking of a stable and strong connection to make VOIP work, 5G networking has great potential to improve the quality of VOIP.

5G is the fifth generation of mobile networks, boasting internet speeds 100 times faster than 4G. 5G can handle a larger volume of calls even in high-traffic areas, has a wider signal range, and can prioritise network packets to ensure smooth VOIP calling experiences.

It’s easy for businesses to reliably host larger audio and video conferencing sessions with an increasingly distributed workforce and customer base.

4. Cloud computing

Much more than e-mail, telecommuting via VOIP calls, and other virtual methods of communication, the cloud is a blessing to business both large and small. As a matter of fact, cloud computing truly harnesses the very essence of the internet: information storage and sharing.

Forecasters predict that most businesses will transition from on-premises PBX to the cloud over the next couple of years. This will provide HD audio quality, optimal scalability and a unified system of communication – without location restrictions – across an entire organisation.

Leveraging CounterPath Stretto Provisioning, administrators using Bria Enterprise can easily deploy, configure, manage and update Bria applications from the cloud. Once set up, all users have to do is enter a username and password to start talking, reducing pain points that were once common with VOIP softphone business solutions.

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5. Voice-to-text

Thanks to the proliferation of AI-augmented VOIP systems, businesses now have nearly unlimited access to stored conversation data in real-time.

That means salespeople can provide robust support with clear, documented evidence. Having an accurate paper trail is particularly useful when following up with clients, providing coaching for customer service representatives and clarifying misunderstandings from a prior phone call.

Great companies are built on great communication between every employee. Bria Enterprise VOIP phone systems are flexible as well as powerful, giving you more ways to communicate than ever before. Whether you are in the office or away from your desk, you will never have a reason to miss an important call again. Bria can help you save time and money with a VOIP phone system that will grow with your company.

For more information about how Bria Enterprise works, visit the website here:

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