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The coolest gadgets you need to have on your yacht

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Now that you’re in the market for a yacht, you are also wondering about the various gadgets that may come along with your luxury purchase. While most are already equipped with many gadgets that will make your experience on the water a memorable one, there are of course many additional items you can purchase for use on your yacht. Once you have visited yacht brokers in Miami and selected the finest yacht money can buy, here are a few of the coolest gadgets you’ll need to have with you as you set out on the open water.

Kayak in a backpack

If you wagered that a kayak could never fit into a backpack, you just lost that bet. Once your yacht reaches its destination and you are ready for an additional adventure, try the kayak in a backpack. The kayak, which is inflatable, fits easily into virtually any backpack. Thus, once you set foot on dry ground and decide to enjoy an expedition with your friends, just pull the kayak from your backpack, inflate it, and off you go.

Cockpit wine holder

While on your yacht, there are few pleasures better than having a wonderful glass of exquisite wine. But as you know, finding a place to safely and conveniently hold your glass and wine bottle can be a challenge, even on the most luxurious yacht. To solve your problem, try the cockpit wine holder. A gimballed wine bottle holder, it can clamp onto the stern rail, giving you an instant spot for your bottle and glass. Thus, whether you are enjoying your wine alone or with that special someone, you’ll never have to worry about anything tipping over.

Dog boat ladder

When you board your yacht, that doesn’t mean you want to leave your favorite four-legged canine friend behind. If you want to bring man’s best friend along for the ride, try having the Paws Aboard dog boat ladder on your yacht. Very lightweight and easy to install and store when not in use, the dog boat ladder allows your dog to take a swim with you, then climb back on board without you having to worry about trying to lift them.

Luci lights

If you plan to be on your yacht after dark, Luci inflatable solar lights can add a bit of sparkle and elegance to any occasion. Available in different color schemes and light intensities, they will easily float on the water as you swim or simply sit on deck and enjoy the view. Best of all, since they are solar-powered, you won’t have the need for electricity, since they can be recharged in the sun.

Water Leak Detectors

Since you have just finished spending a large amount of money with your yacht brokers in Miami, you definitely want to do all you can to protect the investment you’ve made in buying your yacht. To do so, you should purchase water leak detectors. Very handy to have with you once you set sail, the detectors are small and can be placed anywhere on your yacht. Should they detect a water leak, they instantly sound an alarm to let you find the source of the leak and get it addressed as quickly as possible.

Dry case

While on your yacht, you will still have plenty of necessary electronic devices with you most of the time. From your smartphone and iPad to other devices, it is vital they be kept dry to avoid damage. But as you know, even if you’re standing on the deck of your yacht with your phone in your hand, an unexpected splash of water can mean your phone is ruined in an instant. To avoid this unpleasant surprise, try a Dry Case. Fully-waterproof, it can be used with your electronic gadgets to seal them from the elements, while at the same time still allowing them to be fully-functioning devices.

Foam soap pump

If like most people you are concerned with your health and that of others during the COVID-19 pandemic, you want to take all necessary precautions while on your yacht. Since keeping everyone’s hands clean is a top priority, you may want to invest in a foam soap pump by Cruisipro. Featuring a suction cup base, it can be easily attached to almost any spot where people will be passing by as they board your yacht. Able to hold over 13 ounces of foam soap, it will be a very convenient way for people to wash their hands and stay safe.

Wireless mobile printer

If while you are on your yacht you want to take some pictures of the beautiful scenery around you, it will be nice if you have a way to instantly have prints of your pictures. Once you invest in a wireless mobile printer, you’ll have just that. For best results, you should take a close look at the Canon Pixma Ip110. Very compact yet still very powerful, it can be plugged into any standard electrical outlet or rely on its built-in lithium ion battery for power if an outlet is not nearby. Once you have this printer with you, you can easily print pictures from your iPhone or iPad, no matter what corner of the world you happen to be in at that moment.

Aeropress coffee maker

Whether it’s the beginning of the day or perhaps at lunch, you know having a great cup of coffee in your hand while sailing on your yacht makes any day that much better. To make sure you always have a fantastic cup of coffee waiting for you whenever the time is right, try the Aeropress Coffee Maker. Small, very easy to clean, and possessing a reputation for making a great cup of coffee, you won’t want to hit the water without it on board.

Whether you have only one or two of these gadgets on your yacht or decide to take no chances and have all of them with you, there’s no doubt the time spent aboard your yacht will be memorable.

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