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Study finds fraudulent app numbers skyrocketing – Mobile Marketing – BizReport

Study finds fraudulent app numbers skyrocketing – Mobile Marketing – BizReport

Mobile may be where consumers are, but one new report indicates it is also where the fraudsters are.

According to new data out from DoubleVerify, fraudsters have invaded the mobile space, using fraudulent apps and invalid traffic to defraud legitimate mobile brands and publishers. Their data shows that since 2017 “sophisticated invalid traffic” (SIVT) has doubled on mobile apps, and that fraudulent app traffic is up 159%. The bulk of these fraudulent apps are categorized as games or tools/utilities (57%).

“With ad spend increasingly concentrated in mobile – and particularly mobile app, fraudsters are redoubling their efforts to take advantage,” said Roy Rosenfeld, Head of DoubleVerify’s Fraud Lab. “It’s critical that brands understand these risks, in order to allocate spend accordingly and install appropriate safeguards for their digital investments.”

But, all is not doom-and-gloom for mobile brands. Verto Analytics has released their Moible Unlock Journey report and among the more interesting findings is this: social sites that push content notifications to users’ locked phones are engaging consumers. Researchers found that about 16% of Facebook usage, for example, is the result of a news content pushed to consumers’ locked smartphones.

The big problem is that most of this content is ignored by users. About half the time, these apps are closed within 10 seconds. This is a clear indicator that OEMs, app publishers, social and content sites, need to rethink how they approach consumers’ device lock screens.

“With better OS logic, user interface design and contextual logic applied to the moment of unlock, it would be possible to improve the Unlock Engagement Ratio significantly, making it more likely a consumer finds and spends more time with the app they see after unlocking their phone,” indicated Dr. Hannu Verkasalo, CEO, Verto Analytics. “This also would mean better placement and targeting opportunities for brands.”

More from the Verto Analytics study can be found here.

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