Slack's revamped mobile app puts key features within easy reach


Slack is following up its desktop app redesign with a similar overhaul for the mobile crowd. The company is rolling out updates for Android and iOS that remove some of the clutter and make it easier to reach the features you’re more likely to use when away from your computer. Instead of wading through side menus, there’s a Home screen with tabs to quickly access your DMs, mentions and personal features like your status and notification settings. It should be that much easier to respond to an off-hours request, or to snooze alerts entirely when you’re determined to improve your work-life balance.

You’ll also find improvements for more specific tasks. The compose button has come to mobile to quickly start a message (even for an existing chat), and the Call button is readily available in DMs for those times when text just won’t do. Swipe gestures make it easier to navigate between screens one-handed, and the lightning bolt icon near the input bar lets you perform actions in other services without leaving Slack.

The update will reach users this week, so don’t despair if it isn’t available right away. Simply speaking, this is overdue. While you’re less likely to be venturing outside these days, this could still be helpful for quickly checking on crucial work updates and spending more time relaxing at home.

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