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Technology is changing every day. With the launch of new gadgets every day, things are getting old in months due to the heavy competition in the gadget market.

Especially smartphones are updated and hit the market every few months due to heavy competition among mobile companies. In such a situation, we too often sell our phones in a throwaway price or any other gadget at a paltry price in view to get updated with the trend.

Today we are going to inform you about some websites where you can sell your old smartphones at a good price. On these sites, apart from phones, you can also sell and buy TVs, laptops and other gadgets at a good price.

Cashify: On this website you will get good price for all smartphones. In terms of smartphones, this site offers much better price than other sites. On you will find options to sell TVs, mobiles, laptops, tablets, iMacs and gaming consoles. Click on any product you want to sell here.

Karma Recycling: Here customers can easily sell gadgets like their old and defective smartphones, tablets. has so far bought 3 lakh, 60 thousand gadgets, for which payment of more than Rs 15 crore has been made.

Instacash: You can easily sell any of your old gadgets and get a good price. After your booking, the employees of the company will come to your home and take the phone at the decided price (

Yaantra: You can also sell your old gadget at a good price on The company claims that old phones are taken on its website in just 60 seconds.

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