Sunday , 26 January 2020
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Sega is releasing a 'Phantasy Star' mobile game in Japan

Sega is releasing a 'Phantasy Star' mobile game in Japan

Phantasy Star is a popular Sega RPG franchise that spawned numerous titles; it was Sega’s answer to the Final Fantasy series. Now, for the franchise’s 30th anniversary, Sega has announced a new mobile smartphone game called Idola: Phantasy Star Saga will arrive in Japan later this year.

While there aren’t many details in terms of gameplay, Polygon reports that the game will be turn based and will use a gacha system for unlocking characters. The story follows Stella, who is the leader of the Aries Knights, which fights Idola monsters. More details will likely emerge as the release date nears.

It’s not the most promising development for a well-loved franchise. There have been high hopes for more Phantasy Star title releases in the US and Europe. It’s not clear whether this latest release will make its way to the other side of the world, but fans can dream — even if it’s just a mobile game.


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