Phillips smart Wi-Fi bulb review: A handy gadget for just Rs 899

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Phillips smart Wi-Fi bulb review: Whether we are ready to embrace smart homes or not, is a debatable topic. The fact is smart home devices are here and in demand. They bring along the ease of usability, giving you the control using a mobile app or via voice control, depending on the compatibility. One of these devices is the Phillips Smart Wi-Fi bulb currently selling in India for Rs 899. It competes with other products from brands such as Syska and Xiaomi, priced under Rs 1000 as well. I have used the bulb for few days and here is our review of the same.  

Design-wise there is nothing different about the Phillips Smart Wi-Fi Bulb and it is exactly same as an ordinary one. The bulb can be bought in both E27 and B22 cap types. Installing it easy. You just need to plug in the device and turn on the switch. To make the most use of it, you need to download the Wiz app which is compatible with both Android and iOS devices. It can be downloaded from Google Play Store or Apple’s App Store free of cost. 

The app guides you through the entire process of connecting with the bulb. Time consumed in the process depends on your Wi-Fi network. It didn’t take me much time to get going. The good thing is you get both 2.4GHz and 5GHz WiFi bands. You can choose depending how far the bulb is positioned to the router.  

Once the pairing process is done, you can use the app to switch on/off the bulb, change the colour of the light and control the brightness as well. This 9w bulb with 825 lumens is bright and good for mood lighting. The modes within the app include cosy, relax, fireplace, fall, club, sunset, spring, summer, forest and others. You can also create your own colours. 

The bulb is very responsive and switches between modes and colours with the blink of an eye. There is a dedicated vacation mode which can be used if you are not at home and is a really handy feature to have. 

The bulb also supports voice assistants – Siri, Alexa and Google Voice Assistant. You can enable any of these and control the bulb with your voice too.  

Phillips Smart Wi-Fi bulb review: Should You Buy? 

Definitely. The Phillips Smart Wi-Fi bulb is an extremely useful gadget for a very affordable price. It does almost everything you expect from a smart bulb. However, you should definitely check out other options in the segment and then, make the buying decision.  

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