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Ooma Office At a Glance

At $19.95 per user per month, you’ll access Ooma Office’s suite of VoIP features, including multi-device ringing, call transfer, on-hold music, digital voice mail, call reports and automated call routing when you’re off business hours. You won’t even need a contract to get started.

To use this VoIP service, you’ll need a one-time purchase of the Ooma Office hardware package that comes with a base station and two Linx devices. But this does not mean you have to rid existing analog phones or physical fax machines—you can use them, but you’ll need to convert them to IP devices.

Meanwhile, we advise that you get your desk phone from Ooma for effortless sync.
This VoIP system has a simple interface, making it easy for you to control communications from anywhere. You can manage phone calls, send faxes, check your voicemails and even set routing preferences and alter company contracts on the web admin.

A few downsides to Ooma Office are that you won’t get a dedicated administration or be able to track call duration or volume. Also, you can’t trace calls to specific employees or ring groups. And when it comes to reporting and integration, this VoIP system falls short. It doesn’t integrate with software like Google Workspace, Salesforce and Microsoft 365.

To enjoy those, you’ll need to subscribe to more advanced Ooma products like Ooma Office Pro and Ooma Enterprise, with pricing ranging from $24.95 to as high as $49.99 per user per month. These offers come with extra features like video conferencing tools, voicemail transcription, robocall blocking, call recording, call parking and smooth integration with other apps, which Ooma Office lacks.

Other Benefits

Ooma Office has features to help you make and receive calls without glitches. But here are a few perks we think you should know about:

  • Virtual Receptionist: Manages inbound calls and SMS messaging so your business gives prompt responses even when call agents are busy.
  • Ring Groups: Ooma Office extends calls to groups you’ve assigned to receive specific calls so that the calls get to the right end. Also, anyone who’s available can pick up the calls.
  • No Contract: This VoIP system doesn’t require you to sign a service agreement. You can hop on and off at any time you want.

Fine Print

Ooma says you’ll get your toll-free number free of charge, but that’s incomplete information. While the first number is free and comes with 500 minutes a month, you’ll need to pay for any minute you use over the 500-minute allowance, as well as other numbers you intend to add to your account after that.

Also, Ooma Office advertises a complimentary selection of business toll-free numbers, but you’ll hardly find the 1-800 phone numbers available.

How Ooma Office Stacks Up

Ooma OfficeNextivaVonage
Starting Price$19.99 per user, per month$23.95 per user, per month$19.99 per month, per line
Activation Fee$29.95NoneNone
Free Trial30 days7 daysNo
Contract-Free Plan Available
Toll-Free Number✓ – Available as an add-on for $49.99 per month
Unlimited Calls✓ – Voice✓ – Voice and video✓ – Voice and text
Virtual ReceptionistX
Conference Calls✓ – Included in the Professional plan ($27.95 per month)
Voicemail via Email✓ – Available as an add-on for $4.99 per month
Countries IncludedU.S., Canada and MexicoU.S. and CanadaVaries by plan
Call EncryptionEncrypts calls between Ooma usersOffers encryption by requestEncryption available
Desktop AvailabilitySupports use of desk phonesSupports desktop phonesThe basic plan supports only mobile
IntegrationsThe basic plan doesn’t offer a CRM integrationIntegrates with Office and CRM softwareIntegration incurs additional cost

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Before investing in Ooma Office, it’s good to consider how well the VoIP system compares with other phone systems in the space.

From the table above, you’ll see that Ooma Office makes cyber security a priority. While it is not like Vonage, encrypting all calls, it has a prominent edge over Nextiva, with its automatic encryption of calls between Ooma users. On Nextiva, you’ll need to request encryption.

Also, if you’re not ready to commit to a VoIP system, Ooma Office is the way to go since you don’t need a contract service agreement to explore its features. But if your business can’t deal with the back and forth that a quick software integration eliminates, it’s best to stick to Nextiva or Vonage. Nextiva allows users to integrate with CRM and other software applications, while Vonage integrates multiple apps. You’ll only need to pay for it.

Also, Nextiva and Ooma allow desk phones, but Vonage’s basic plan is mobile-only.

Is Ooma Office Right for You or Your Business?

Ooma Office is good for you if you run a small business with less than 20 users and need a business communication solution you can afford and easily manage. But it doesn’t offer advanced features like video conferencing, call recording and transcription that make multiple communication easier. So, if you’re planning to grow your staff or communication channels in the next month, you might need to opt for another VoIP system.

Find The Right Phone System For Your Business

Save by Comparing Phone System Prices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will I easily find support on Ooma Office?

Yes, Ooma Office provides online support 24/7 whether you prefer to communicate via chats or calls. There’s also an array of solved FAQs around setup, pricing, advanced setup and more.

You’ll also find help through resources like user manuals, videos and forums, where you’ll get troubleshooting tips on how to use the VoIP service without glitches.

Does Ooma make mobile communication possible?

Whether your agents are at the office or working from their homes, they can use Ooma Office VoIP service anytime via its mobile app. All you’ll need is to stay connected to the internet. Also, features like ring groups and call transfers will ensure everyone assigned gets the call. That way, there’s someone available to take each call.

Can I trust Ooma Office to keep our communications secure?

Yes, you can. Ooma Office uses government-level encryption technology to secure your data. It also uses Secure Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) to encrypt all audio and video calls. Plus, you’ll get full end-to-end encryption when both phone lines use Ooma.

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