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best mobile voip service article image

Using a mobile VoIP app extends the functionality of your mobile device—whether it’s an iOS phone or tablet or an Android. You can make and receive calls when away from your desk regardless of your working arrangement (remotely, at the office or a hybrid of the two). Additionally, you’ll be able to keep your personal phone number private because business calls come through your VoIP business number.

Common features of VoIP apps include multilevel auto attendants, visual voice mail and call management. If you’ve not used these features before, you may not know if you need them. Here’s a breakdown of what they are, so you can decide which mobile VoIP app is best for you and your small business.

Multilevel Auto Attendant

An auto attendant makes it easier to handle an onslaught of incoming calls when you don’t have a live operator or assistant to answer the phone. An auto attendant acts as a virtual receptionist, so callers can get to sales, support or other teams for their needs.

Visual Voice Mail

This feature is also known as voice mail-to-text transcription. You may not want to take the time to listen to a voice mail, or you might miss a name or phone number in a recorded voice mail. A transcription can be helpful for grabbing important details.

Call Management

With advanced call management features, you can screen, block and forward incoming calls, as needed. In some cases, you can also hold or route calls to get a customer or lead to the right person or team.

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