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Mobile Network Operators Association in favor of satellite spectrum auctions –

The Indian Mobile Network Operators Association opposes Sunil Mittal on the issue of spectrum auctions for domestic satellite-based broadband services.

“We need to auction both satellite and terrestrial spectra. If telecommunications service providers are paying for the spectrum, so should Satcom operators when offering the same commercial use cases. “COAI Director SP Kochhar said. Business Line.

OneWeb platform

Recently, Sunil Mittal said there was no need to auction satellite spectra. Mittal plans to launch satellite-based broadband services in India through the OneWeb platform. Other global players, including Jeff Bezos’ Project Kyper and Elon Musk’s Starlink, are also trying to enter the market with their own satellite platforms. However, terrestrial mobile operators want Satcom players to get the spectrum through auctions.

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COAI, of which Bharti Airtel is also a member, opposes Satcom players refusing to share the 28Mhz spectral band. “This is the Internet of Things spectral band. If anyone wants to reject it, it must be a carrier. We wanted to have the entire band up to 29Mhz, but 28.5Mhz I want to do it, “he said.

5G service

He said commercial deployment of 5G services is likely to take place before Independence Day next year. “Once the trial is over, the auction will go as planned early next year,” Kochhar said. COAI also hopes that the price of the 5G spectrum will be revised. “The government recognizes that there is no suitable environment for these prices. If the government does not do it right, many spectra will remain unused, as in the case of 4G auctions.” Kochhar said.

He also said that incorporating the in-house developed standard 5Gi into network solutions requires international compatibility with the 3GPP standard. 5Gi is a standard developed by the Indian Institute of Technology and promoted by the Center as part of the “Make in India” campaign.

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Kochhar believes that operators will adopt a combination of network solutions when it comes to adopting the Open RAN platform, some from open source platforms and others from traditional vendors. O-RAN is the new industry standard for the radio access network supplier ecosystem, allowing more vendors to join the network solution space, which was previously led by a small number of players. As hardware and software technologies for this have become standardized and open source, many new entrants from India have entered the field to develop products that cover parts of the entire operator network.

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