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Sony Middle East and Africa a subsidiary of Japanese technology multinational company Sony Corporation, last week launched MP-CD1 — a portable projector that can fit on one’s palm and weighs 280 grams — in the Kenya market.

Research shows that the global market demand for such electronic miniature products is on the rise and is expected to reach $14 billion by 2024.

Sony is seeking to tap this growing demand by appealing to consumers with the small gadget that can project content up to 120 inches in size from a distance of 3.5m, transforming any surface into a widescreen. It is ideal for on-the-go business presentations, gaming, outdoor events or movie nights with the family.

“The projector uses Texas Instruments DLP® IntelliBright™ technology that enables effective display and boosts picture brightness. It also maximises use of heat but maintains its brightness in a pocket-sized form factor thanks to its design,” said Sony in a statement.

It has a 5,000mAh built-in battery which allows users to project clear and bright images for up to two hours without charging. It can be charged at a standard USB-C port, with an AC outlet or power bank and is priced at Sh39,995. Additionally, it allows wireless connectivity with a variety of devices.

As manufacturers embrace wireless products in a bid to stay ahead and be competitive in the market, consumers are demanding high performing electronic miniature products that are easily portable and convenient for home as well as work.

“What is appealing in small electronic products is the simplicity associated with it, a bigger projector, for instance, would mean, connecting wires to other devices in order to get it to function. However for a small palm-sized wireless projector, it would mean instantly connecting it via Bluetooth or an app thus no complicated process,” said Stella Kimani, a brand strategist.

A report released in March this year by Global Market Insights on the global electronic design automation market, shows that tools used in the design of electronics will surpass $14 billion by 2024 driven by the trend of manufacturing small and high performing devices in the medical, fitness and technology industry.

“The rising awareness and acceptance of smart fitness devices and consumer electronics devices are encouraging electronic design companies to invest in the innovative design tools for developing enhanced products ,” reported Global Market Insights.

“Manufacturers are choosing to invest in order to develop miniaturized products to enhance the customer experience. Researchers are focusing on developing cost-effective and reliable products with the use of electronic design tools.”

However, not all small technology products are appealing to consumers. Larger smartphones, for instance, are considered more appealing to consumers compared to smaller ones, according to research.

“With smartphones, it is a different case in that we assume the bigger it is, the more high performance it is and will be able to hold more applications. Before the advent of smartphones, smaller feature phones were considered appealing and companies were striving to create the smallest one because all we did with mobile phones back then was make calls and send messages but now mobile phones’ functionality has increased,” said Kimani.

Indeed, a study on the smartphone comfort perception and preference among consumers in Germany and China, found that the smartphone screen influences purchase decisions and in fact that users buy the ones that match the size of their hands in order to enable them to operate it comfortably.

“Smartphone screens are bigger than they have ever been, usually reaching four, five or even six inches and have grown 38 per cent bigger in the period between 2012 and 2015.

In fact, large-screen smartphones that are bigger than 4.5 inches are sold. At the same time, sales of smartphones with small screens decrease. It follows that people more frequently choose a smartphone with a larger display,” read the report.

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