220531 maxis managed voice

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Maxis has announced its Managed Voice solution which aims to future proof communications systems for businesses. If you’re still using a dumb desk phone or traditional PBX system at your office, this solution uses Voice over IP (VoIP) which offers greater flexibility and scalability so that you won’t miss an important call.

220531 maxis managed voice

Maxis’ Managed Voice service costs from RM15 per user per month and it comes with free calls between Maxis lines as well as free 200 shareable minutes per line per month. The service comes with a minimum subscription of 10 users, with a contract period of 12 or 24 months. This means you are looking at RM150/month excluding additional taxes. Excess calls are charged at 7 sen/minute to other fixed and mobile numbers, or 4 sen/minute for calls to other local fixed lines.

220531 maxis managed voice price

Since this is a cloud-based telephony service, it also works as a virtual call centre with interactive voice response, allowing businesses to forward calls to specific team members on their mobile phones. There’s also a group hunting feature, which is useful for directing calls to a team of sales representatives or customer support. For each team member, they can also make VoIP calls on their mobile or desktop devices to ensure a clear separation of personal and business phone numbers. Managed voice can be configured with existing IP-based phones that use an open-based standard. It’s also compatible with call centre handsets, Salesforce and Microsoft Teams. It also supports 3-way audio conference and digital audio recording as an add-on.

With the current promo, you can get 20% off on the monthly subscription fee if you sign up with a 36-month contract with a Maxis Fixed connectivity such as Maxis Business FIbre, Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) or Maxis Usage-Based Internet (MUBI). The promo is running until 31st December 2022.

The Managed Voice solution is quite similar to Digi’s Omni Hotline as it also offers no upfront investments and it’s a fully managed service that can be maintained online. According to Maxis, the Managed Voice proposition is timely with the impending implementation of Fixed Number Portability (FNP) in Malaysia. With FNP targetted to be implemented by the end of this year, this will allow all fixed-line customers to move their business providers to another telco, similar to Mobile Number Portability (MNP). If you don’t need to use an old number, you can sign up for a new fixed-line number (e.g. 03, 05, 06) with Maxis.

Maxis is also offering a 3-months moratorium for customers that sign up for Managed Voice Advance Plan which involves on-site premises deployment. Before FNP takes place, Maxis has a solution for business customers that wish to maintain their existing business numbers. By using a voice gateway, you can connect your non-Maxis fixed lines to Managed Voice for incoming calls, while outgoing calls will use the new Maxis line.

According to the FAQ, businesses that still rely on fax machines are able to use Managed Voice but it will require an Analogue Telephone Adapter to be installed at the premise. According to Maxis, this method is not cost-effective and they recommend businesses to switch to eFax, a feature that’s available in Managed Voice, to send and receive fax digitally. The feature will save all incoming fax as PDF and they will be sent automatically to your email.

For more info, you can visit Maxis’ Managed Voice page and check out their FAQ.

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