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WhatsApp not just lets you send messages, it also lets you make calls. Calling on WhatsApp is pretty common, especially now when nearly everyone is connected to the internet. While WhatsApp is on its way to becoming the default calling app for many, there is one thing it lacks, call recording. Although recording calls is subject to your local laws, which you should follow to avoid any legal action, people sometimes need it. Despite the limitation of WhatsApp’s mobile apps, there are some ways to record your WhatsApp calls. With some extra effort, you can record WhatsApp calls.

Recording WhatsApp calls on Android and iOS need different steps. While Android, because of its open-source nature, lets third-party apps take control of your call recordings on WhatsApp, iOS, being a closed ecosystem, has a different resort. But before that, a fair warning. Recording calls without the consent of the other party is not advised — and is illegal in some countries. India does not have legislation as such, but there are some guidelines based on other related laws. You should refrain from recording calls without informing or seeking permission from the person involved.

How to record WhatsApp calls on Android

Recording WhatsApp calls on Android is pretty easy. It just needs an app to do that. An app called Call Recorder: Cube ACR allows you to record voice calls on WhatsApp and save the files to your phone’s storage. But the recording feature for WhatsApp calls does not work on all Android phones. You do not need to wonder which because the support page of the app lists all the compatible phones. Once you have ensured, you have a compatible phone, follow these steps.

— Search for Cube ACR on the Google Play Store and install it on your phone
— Open the app and leave it running in the background
— Open WhatsApp and make a voice call to a contact
— Cube ACR will automatically start recording your calls
— If the recording does not start automatically, you can open the Cube ACR app and choose the “Force VoIP call as a voice call” option
— Now make a WhatsApp call again

How to record WhatsApp calls on iPhone

Let us face it. You cannot record a regular cellular call on iPhone, let alone a WhatsApp call. Although there are a few apps that let you record calls, they do not work efficiently because Apple does not give them full access to the Phone app. However, there is a way to record WhatsApp calls. All you need is an iPhone, obviously, and a Mac. Here is how to record calls.

— Connect your iPhone to your Mac using the cable and Tap on the “Trust this computer” option that appears on your iPhone
— On your Mac, press CMD + Spacebar to launch Spotlight and search for QuickTime Player
— Navigate to the File option and choose “New Audio Recording”
— Choose iPhone as an option and click the record button in the app
— Now, make a WhatsApp call using your iPhone to a contact
— Once you are done with your chat, disconnect the call and hit the stop recording button in QuickTime
— You can save the file to your Mac

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