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Unfortunately, heaps of useful and practical apps are some of the most serious threats to your own data security.

Take GasBuddy, for example. It’s meant to help you save precious cash at the pump by letting you compare prices at gas stations nearby—wherever you are—but that also means it’s gathering loads and loads of location data to make those calls.

You’re hard-pressed to find many apps that don’t ask you to turn on data-sharing permissions upon download, so what’s so bad about this one, in particular? Well, here’s where it gets worse: Last September, GasBuddy quietly changed its privacy policy right under your nose. Now it can track your geolocation everywhere you go.

“If you access the Service through a mobile device, and if your preferences are set to permit collection of the information, we will also automatically collect information about your driving habits, including, but not limited to, driving distance, speed, acceleration and braking habits,” the privacy policy reads, in part.

Sure, just the gas station location data could be used to triage locations like where you work, live, and go out, but explicitly collecting data on your whereabouts in the background all the time feels like a full-on manifestation of Big Brother.

Imagine if GasBuddy experienced a data breach. Do you want a hacker to have information about where you live?

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