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How to buy refurbished Mobile Phones and Laptops – TWCN Tech News

If you are reading this, you might have been thinking about how to buy a refurbished laptop, mobile phone or another device – and where to buy them. This post talks about things to keep in mind when going for a refurbished device.

Difference between refurbished & used laptops

buy refurbished Mobile Phones and Laptops

The first thing is to know the difference between refurbished and used gadgets: laptops, smart phones, or any other electronic gadgets. Refurbished is just like new, maybe with a few scratches. Used items are old items. A person can be selling his serviced laptop at a lower price, but since he used it for many years now, there is no guarantee of the gadget not dying soon. This explains used vs. refurbished laptops and mobile phones.

Other than providing you with an almost new gadget, refurbished means some warranty. Its warranty may not match new laptops (or other gadgets), but you sure know that the parts are new. You don’t get any warranty for non-refurbished, old items.

Warranty when you buy refurbished goods like laptops or smartphones

Though it won’t be as much as for a new product, the refurbished laptops and mobile phones include a warranty. In the case of laptops and smartphones, the warranty could go up to six months. Used old smartphones on eBay etc. won’t provide any warranty. New ones and refurbished ones come with a warranty. Going for a used product may mean gambling with the money. It may work for a while and die.

What is “refurbished”? What are all considered refurbished?

Devices sent back to distributors for some fault are taken up by refurbishing companies or the manufacturer. They check out what all is wrong with the gadget and fix everything. They’ll also attempt to remove any scratches etc. that the device may have to make it look new.

These are tested by their quality-monitoring teams. Certified refurbished products go back to market – with a smaller warranty and some good savings compared to the new ones cost.

Research before buying refurbished

Homework is necessary to before you buy a refurbished laptop is affordable. Just check out the price of an item online and offline: with different dealers. That will help you understand if you need to buy a refurbished laptop or if you can afford a new one.

Check the terms & conditions of the refurbished device

The terms and conditions applicable to the refurbished laptop or mobile phone will vary per dealer. You need to study them carefully to find out the following:

  1. How much are you saving by buying a refurbished laptop?
  2. Compare costs of refurbished and new laptops to see which one fits into your budget
  3. Check out the warranty given on the refurbished goods you want to buy; see if it is too small a period to consider
  4. If there is any remorse period applies to the refurbished model of the laptop or phone you want; remorse period is a small period offered by distributors so that you can cancel your order if you have any buyer’s remorse. In most cases, there is remorse or cooling off period of at least 3 days.
  5. Decide whether you want to buy it online or in a physical showroom. This should be considered with factors: you don’t get to test a product before you buy it; is the warranty period too small; cost benefits will be larger if you buy online on sites like Amazon
  6. Whether the seller or manufacturer has a servicing point in the area where you will use the refurbished gadget.

That pretty much sums up what all you should know before you buy a refurbished laptop or smartphone. If you have questions or any inquiries, kindly leave a comment.

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