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The GNOME 41 beta is now available ahead of next month’s official half-year update to this open-source desktop environment.

There is a lot that’s been queued up for GNOME 41 beta. Below is a look at the highlights of the lengthy changes for this beta milestone.

– GNOME Calls has begun adding SIP base functionality with now UI-based support for managing a SIP Account and placing/receiving VoIP calls.

– GDM now allows for the user session to be Wayland even if the log-in screen is X.Org-based.

– GDM now allows user sessions for single GPU vendor NVIDIA systems.

– GNOME Calendar can now open up ICS files and import events.

– GNOME Control Center adds new “Cellular” and “Multitasking” panels.

– GNOME Disk Utility now uses LUKS2 for new encrypted partitions.

– GNOME Initial Setup’s “Software” page for easily toggling third-party repositories has been restored.

– GNOME Music has begun implementing its new design mock-ups.

– GNOME Shell has fixed XWayland application support when not using systemd in the user session.

– GNOME Software has seen a rework to its user-interface.

– The Nautilus file manager has redesigned its “Compress” dialog, among other improvements.

More details on the GNOME 41 Beta changes via the release announcement.

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