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IFIHomes, one of India’s leading e-shopping destinations for smart, innovative & automation products, offers a variety of affordable, durable health safety gadgets that are in high demand across the country in these times of a raging Covid19 pandemic


The second wave of Covid19 pandemic that is engulfing different parts of India at an unprecedented rate mandates people everywhere to observe extremely stringent health safety measures. While the Government has been exhorting people in all walks of life to observe social distancing in the course of their day-to-day activities, it is evident that people would be required to adopt additional health safety measures in order to eliminate or minimise any exposure to this highly contagious virus while stepping out of home to meet their professional, business or personal commitments.

It is indeed imperative for people to sanitise any equipment or device before they use it, because scientifically it has found that Covid19 virus spreads through droplets and surface transmission. In such situations, contactless gadgets and devices are becoming increasingly popular among people who are on-the-go.

IFIHomes, India’s foremost e-shopping destination for smart, innovative, automation products meeting the lifestyle, health safety, and personal security and surveillance needs of people across age-groups at home and office, offers a wide range of sensor-based contactless gadgets that are particularly useful in these times of a raging health crisis.

IFIHomes, that has partnering innovators and labs across the globe to bring the most innovative products to customers in India and other global markets, created a set of unique Smart Distancing™ product offerings under its IFITech brand just as the dreaded Covid19 pandemic hit India last year. The products either assist in sanitising products and indoor environments, or are sensor-based that can be operated without the need for any physical handling.

Today, as organisations are exploring ways and means for business continuity in the face of various disruptions caused by the virus spread, IFIHomes’ Smart Distancing products are proving to be useful for people to follow health safety measures while attending to their work at the office or business place.

Interestingly, India’s leading media houses – the Times Group and the Express Group of Publications have written about IFIHomes’ innovative products. Times of India had reported that the IFITech UV Steriliser Box was one of the topmost searched product when Covid19 pandemic first hit India.

READ: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/most-searched-products/mobile-phones/mobile-accessories/uv-sterilizer-box-to-to-kill-off-germs-from-your-mobile-phones/articleshow/76533222.cms

Sometime later, Indian Express carried a report citing the IFITech UV-C Sanitizing Wand as a Gadget of Choice.

READ: https://indianexpress.com/article/technology/gadgets/uv-lights-are-becoming-the-weapon-of-choice-to-kill-the-virus-6520319/

The same product was also covered as an effective tool to sterilise in a “Baby Skin Care” blog.

READ: https://babyskincare.in/ifitech-abs-portable-handheld-uv-c-light-wand-sterilizer-for-disinfection-household-hotel-car-indoor-outdoor-for-masks-mobile-currency-laptops-travel-work-4-x-4-x-25-cm-white/

In a similar vein, an article published on Timesofindia.com highlighted the role of IFITech health safety products in casting a safety ring around people.

READ: https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/spotlight/not-just-social-distancing-but-smart-distancing-is-the-need-of-the-hour/articleshow/75287790.cms

Currently, as the Covid19 cases grow manifold, there is a greater awareness among people to use contactless gadgets in the public space to protect themselves against any chance of virus transmission.

Contactless Gadgets

Some of the most popular IFITech contactless, motion-sensor gadgets are:


(L-R) IFITech Rechargeable Sensor Water Faucet; IFITech Proximity Sensor Water Faucet

IFITech Rechargeable Sensor Water Faucet: The proximity sensor-based faucet releases water as per requirement and can be auto-adjusted. The touchless faucets also helps prevent cross-contamination and spreading the germ through touching the tap handles.

READ: https://www.ifihomes.com/blog/boosting-hygiene-health-safety-saving-water-with-sensor-faucets/

IFITech Proximity Sensor Water Faucet: The easy-to-instal proximity sensor-based tap can be fitted to the kitchen sink and wash basin. With the motion infrared sensor and smart control box, the automatic sink faucet accurately detects your motion in close proximity and turns on and off automatically within 0.1 seconds in the sensing range of 13”. It sets your hands free and reduces dripping. The control box of the sensor faucet allows AC and DC electricity. It is powered by 4 AA batteries and the power can last about 7,000 times use — lasting nearly 2 year for daily home use.

READ: https://www.aninews.in/news/business/smart-solutions-for-personal-safety-in-unlock-times20201010102529/

[embedded content]

IFITech Batter-Operated Soap Dispenser: The contactless soap dispenser is ideal for use at home (washrooms / kitchen), offices (washrooms), restaurants, salons, malls, among other places where people congregate. It is operated with 3 AAA batteries. The touch-free soap dispenser can be used for all kinds of liquid, including hand or body lotion and disinfectant.


(L-R) IFITech Motion Sensor Bulb; IFITech 4 Gang Switch

IFITech Motion Sensor Bulb: The IFITech Smart Bulb lights up when it senses motion in the 8ft-10ft range and covering 7ft-10ft height. Hence, there is no need for physically switching on the bulb for use. The bulb will not switch on when there is daylight, thus also saving energy. The bulb has a 120° beam/sensor angle, and fits into the standard B22 bulb holder.

VIEW: https://www.ifihomes.com/blog/make-your-homeoffice-energyefficient-with-competitively-priced-ifitech-motion-sensor-bulbs-/

IFITech 4 Gang Switch: The Wi-Fi Smart Switch can be connected with the existing home Wi-Fi network to facilitate remote control of lights, thus easily replacing the traditional switches. The switch can be managed from a smartphone through the IFI Smart Life app (iOS or Android). The smart light switch can also function as a normal switch.

Sanitising Devices

IFIHomes has pioneered an array of devices for sanitising and disinfecting objects and surfaces, such as:

IFITech Wall-Mounted Thermometer cum Sanitiser Dispenser: The device detects body within 500 milliseconds when the hand is placed under its sensor, and then dispenses sanitiser liquid. Ideal for use at offices, schools, businesses, shops, malls, movie theatres and open air functions/events.

IFITech UV-C Desk Lamp: The UV-C lamp emits 360° wide light that efficiently destroys viruses, bacteria, allergens, molds, making homes, offices, hotels, hospitals, washrooms, and other living and working spaces safe for all.


(L-R) IFITech Wall-Mounted Thermometer cum Sanitiser Dispenser, IFITech UV-C Desk Lamp; IFITech Portable UV-C Steriliser Box

The lamp has an intelligent human detection radar sensor, wherein light will automatically shut off when any movement is detected. That will ensure that people are not exposed to the UV-C. The product comes with a default child lock to ensure it is only operated by adults at home.

IFITech Portable UV-C Steriliser Box: The sleek, ergonomic and compact UV-C sanitizer is suitable for sanitising phone, MP3 players, Bluetooth earphones, watches, clothes such as underwear, socks, baby toys, forks, masks, eye glasses, toothbrush, keys, jewellery, and any makeup objects. The UV light sterilizer kills up to 99.9% of bacteria and germs in just 5 minutes.

[embedded content]

Since its inception in 2014, IFIHomes has introduced a wide range of smart devices under its two brands SeTracker and IFITech. The company has been recognised as one of Top 10 Disruptive Smart Home/Home Automation Companies by BusinessWorld magazine. The brand was ranked 25th among Top 100 Home Security Blogs and Websites for ‘Securing Your Home & Family’ in 2020. IFITech PT2 was ranked Best Indoor Security Camera by Electronics For You magazine. The ‘Global Doorbell Camera Market – Forecast to 2027 – Covid19 Impact and Global Analysis’, a report by The Insights Partners, has ranked IFITech among Top 10 video doorbell brands.

Visit www.ifihomes.com to know more about these products. For partnership and trade enquiries write to partner1@ifihomes.com.

IFIHomes products are also available on www.amazon.in, www.flipkart.com, www.firstcry.com, www.paytmmall.com under the brand names IFITech and SeTracker.

Disclaimer: Content Produced by IFI Technology Pvt Ltd

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