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The Basics of Freshdesk Contact Center

Freshdesk Contact Center (formerly called Freshcaller) is intuitive and scalable. It’s one of the best VoIP phone systems given its exceptional communication capabilities that help you run your daily operations. Apart from coming with lower wait times than other business systems in its category, Freshdesk Contact Center offers advanced voice AI capabilities, allowing you to optimize interactions over the internet.

Your agents can make and receive calls from anywhere, take down notes and create tickets, all at reduced costs, thanks to the pay-as-you-go charging option. And if you’re switching from another VoIP service, you won’t need to give up your existing business numbers. You can also fit into existing programs since Freshdesk smoothly integrates with other leading software, including Salesforce, HubSpot, Zapier and Shopify.

With this business VoIP system, you’ll enjoy features like call recording, post-call transcripts and call masking. Call masking displays your business number whether one of your agents uses the company line or their private line to call a customer.

Freshdesk Contact Center’s live dashboard allows you to see all calls so you can monitor what’s happening in real time. You’ll see how each agent performs and you can join via call conferencing if you need to add more information or intervene when someone gives an inappropriate response or goes against the organization’s call ethics.

Freshdesk’s AI bot makes communications easier with features like the round-the-clock automatic response to callers, queued call-back and business and holiday settings, ensuring you don’t miss the mark on customer service. Also, connect callers to relevant teams with call routing and multilevel interactive voice response (IVR) systems, and use the self-service feature to provide callers with answers immediately.

Hop on Freshdesk Contact Center by subscribing to any of its plans—Free, Growth, Pro and Enterprise, with subscription fees of $0, $15, $39 and $69, respectively.

Other Benefits

Apart from the opportunity to explore any Freshdesk plan free for 21 days, Freshdesk Contact Center provides a free version for businesses just getting started. Keep in mind that you may still want to purchase a premium plan as Freshdesk Contact Center’s free version doesn’t come with free minutes. However, it does include desktop notifications, inbound caller ID, custom greetings, call metrics, call notes, and the option to buy your own toll-free number.

Fine Print

Freshdesk also comes with features such as integrating several e-commerce platforms and converting desk tickets to CRM. While you won’t be paying extra for these, it can be overwhelming toggling around the VoIP platform, especially when all you needed was to run your call centers smoothly.

How Freshdesk Contact Center Stacks Up

Starting monthly priceFree (premium plans start at $18)$29$25.49
Trial period21 days7 daysNone
VoIP phone systems
Call center managementX
International numbersX
Call recordingX

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When you compare Freshdesk with other VoIP services like Grasshopper and Mitel, you’ll notice that Freshdesk is not only easy to use—it is also cheap to get your communications going on the voice platform. Freshdesk has a free version, which is something neither Grasshopper nor Mitel has, and its basic plan is also the most affordable of the three.

Also, while Mitel doesn’t offer a trial period to allow you to explore its features before buying, Grasshopper offers one for seven days. Yet Freshdesk beats it with its 21-day trial period.

Is Freshdesk Right for You or Your Business?

Freshdesk Contact Center is a good choice for growing businesses as its four pricing tiers make it possible to stay with the VoIP service as your business expands and needs change. Given its competitive price and feature-rich platform, it’s a good solution for budget-conscious businesses looking for an easy way to manage a number of contacts that rely heavily on contact via phone. For example, a home heating business or an advertising agency.

Find The Right Phone System For Your Business

Save by Comparing Phone System Prices

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is my data safe on Freshdesk?

Since you’ll be handling a lot of data, it’s normal to wonder if your data’s safe. But Freshdesk takes data protection seriously, with its servers in a 24-hour surveillance center with biometric locks. The VoIP service also keeps updating its application with the latest security patches, so your data remains safe.

Is Freshdesk easy to use?

Freshdesk is widely regarded as easy to use. Apart from being easy to set up and requiring no hardware, downloads or costs, you’ll find that this VoIP service is much more intuitive than competing VoIP platforms. Should you have any issues or questions, you can reach customer support and access the resource center at any time.

How do I make a call on Freshdesk Contact Center?

Go to the left corner of your screen and click on the Freshdesk call icon at the bottom. The Freshdesk caller widget will open up to allow you to make or receive calls without leaving your Freshdesk account.

How can we connect Freshdesk to our Facebook account?

Freshdesk allows you to communicate with your customers on Facebook Messenger, right from your Freshdesk account. All you have to do is log in to your support portal as an administrator. From there, click “Facebook” under the channels, and you’ll be directed to the page.

Do I need to pay to use Freshdesk Contact Center?

No, Freshdesk Contact Center offers users a free version that allows them to enjoy benefits like creating custom greetings, receiving desktop call notifications and viewing call metrics. But you might want to opt for any of the paid versions to access more enhanced VoIP features.

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