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best free voip systems article image

To start, Zoom is not a free VoIP phone service—strictly speaking, you can only use Zoom for phone calls if you choose the Zoom Phone service for business, which costs $120 to $240 per year, depending on the plan you choose. However, you can use the Zoom app on any device for unlimited individual or group video calls.

On the free plan, you’re able to set up or join any Zoom meeting, but if you’re hosting, you’re limited to 40 minutes per group meeting or 30 hours for one-on-one video calls. Although there’s no SMS text messaging, you can use group and private chat within meetings. You can even record meetings, but you’ll have to save it locally to your device on the free plan.

Who should use it:

Zoom is a great option for businesses that prefer video calls to phone calls to conduct business. It’s a good choice for sales teams that do short demos for leads and for teams that need to meet often.

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