Five apps to have a second temporary phone number on

Five apps to have a second temporary phone number on your mobile – Market Research Telecast


There are many things that we should not happily put on the Internet, and one of them is our phone number. Also, wouldn’t it be great to be able to have a different number that we give to those people who are so heavy that we are not interested in having our cell phone later? The truth is that there are many cases in which having a second “false” number that we can use and throw away at any time would be great.

A temporary phone number

The most normal thing is that we have to make a second SIM, carry it associated with the terminal, so you have to have a smartphone with DUAL SIM or with e-Sim technology. If you do not have it and to solve this problem of having numbers that are different from ours but that we can get rid of them at any time, with these apps we will only need one.

Five apps to have a second temporary phone number onFive apps to have a second temporary phone number on


Using real numbers and not VoIP, Burner helps you keep your mobile phone number more private and secure, with features like make calls and send messages from your new number, receive calls, text messages and voice messages to your private Burner number. Or find a new number in any area code.

Use Burner’s temporary phone numbers just like you would use your normal phone number, perfect for any time you want to stay in touch but don’t want to give out your private personal number. Burner can even connect with apps like Dropbox, Evernote, Slack Y SoundCloud. The app has a monthly subscription service, but you can try it for a week and have a first toll-free number.

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Similar to Burner, the difference with the previous app is that Hushed sí usa VoIP (Voice over an internet protocol, method that transforms analog audio signals into digital data so that they can be transmitted over the network). Thus does not consume minutes of our rate, but data if we are not connected to WiFi. Hushed has phone numbers for 40 countries and it can be used to get numbers from many more.

The app is free the first three days, although only with American phone numbers. After that time the different plans that their creators offer, for 7 days, 30 days, 90 days and 365 days. When we purchase a Hushed number, each of them comes with its own independent voicemail. You can get as many Hushed numbers as you want and destroy them when we finish using them.

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Very privacy focused user, the CoverMe app offers a secure exchange of private messages, photos and sensitive videos and allows us to do what it calls “military grade taped phone calls “plus a feature called “impenetrable vault” to protect your personal contacts, call logs, documents, notes, diaries, passwords, and private photos and videos from prying eyes.

With CoverMe you can make free secure calls, send self-destructing messages, remotely retrieve or delete sent messages, safely share private photos and videos, and hide text messages, contacts, and call logs. Itself the app is free, Although the calls and messages vary in different packages of micropagos ranging from € 2.99 to € 28.99 and even € 100 of the total coverage package.

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Intended above all for business and business environment, the app Line2 It gives us having a second number on our smartphone to use together with a series of functions such as making conference calls, diverting received calls or answering automatically. In itself it can be used as a disposable and temporary number, although this app is more oriented to be used as a second permanent number, ideal for those who want to use the same mobile but keep work and home numbers differentiated.

The best thing is that it comes with a dessert app to make calls and send messages from a Windows PC or a Mac. We have a seven-day trial, after which you will have to choose one of your payment plans between personal or business account.

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Without a doubt the most attractive, the grace of Sideline is that is free Unlike the rest, and allows you to send unlimited text messages and number portability in addition to giving us the choice between calling using our operator or Wi-Fi calls, so it is able to offer both VoIP and normal calls, and consume data or minutes.

Of course, the WiFi calls They require a monthly subscription of € 2.99 per month to use Sideline Pro, which removes ads, allows making calls over Wi-Fi and prevents the number from expiring (the creators of the app claim the inactive numbers of non-subscribers after 30 days). Wi-Fi calls also allow us to switch between networks if we have a weaker signal.

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