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Whether you’re recording an interview, keeping records of your communications, or just want to have logs of your phone calls for posterity, having call recorder software on your smartphone can help.

Best call recorder software

While the basic premise of a call recorder is simple, many of these apps differ when it comes to ease of use, playback, and more. In addition, you’ll need to decide whether you’re willing to pay for a call recorder or whether you want free software with potentially fewer features. 

Keep in mind that the laws around call recording vary between states and countries. If you’re planning to record a call, it’s always good practice to ask the person you’re talking to first. 

With that, let’s take a look at the five best call recorder software options you can start using today.

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(Image credit: ACR Call Recorder)

1. ACR Call Recorder

A simple and free app for Android users

Automatic call recording toggle

Intuitive app interface

Search recordings by contact

Auto-delete old recordings

Manual recording requires upgrade

Doesn’t automatically back up recordings

No security on your files

Doesn’t record VoIP calls

For Android users, there are few free options better than ACR Call Recorder. This simple app features an on/off toggle switch that enables you to automatically record every call that takes place on your phone. 

One of the best things about it is that it’s intuitive. You can search for recordings by contact names and easily share recordings right from the app. It also comes with an auto-delete option so that your phone’s storage doesn’t fill up with old recordings. 

The only downside is that if you leave automatic recording off and want to manually start recording for a specific call, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid version. However, this costs just $4.49, so it isn’t a huge issue for most users.


(Image credit: Cube ACR )

2. Cube ACR

Supports recording for VoIP calls on Android phones

Supports multiple apps

Record by contact

Start recording mid-call

Supports automatic backups

Security costs extra

Free version includes ads

Compatibility issues as apps are updated

Only backs up to Google Drive

Many call recording apps only work if your call takes place through your phone’s built-in dialing app, not if you use a voice over IP (VoIP) app. But Cube ACR is capable of recording calls through Skype, Facebook, WhatsApp, Slack, and more on Android devices. 

The free version of this app comes with ads, but it offers most of the essential recording features that users need. You can choose to record every call or list specific contacts for recording your conversations. Starting a manual recording mid-call is free, too. 

The premium version of Cube ACR costs just $1.99 and adds automatic backup, file security, and automatic deletion. For backup, your recordings are synced to Google Drive as soon as your call ends.


(Image credit: Blackbox Call Recorder )

3. Blackbox Call Recorder

An app designed for professionals

Reliable recording software

Customizable file organization

On-screen widget for manual recording

Security using password or pin

Requires monthly subscription

Doesn’t support VoIP recording

Cannot search recordings by contact

No automatic backups to cloud

Blackbox Call Recorder bills itself as reliable recorder software made for professionals. It requires a $0.99 per month subscription, so it’s significantly more expensive than other Android recorder apps. But, it also brings a number of advanced features you won’t find elsewhere. 

For example, you can lock Blackbox to prevent unauthorized access with a password or pin. You can also set up your own file directory to better organize your files, and sort recordings by date, time, or duration. The app also provides you with an on-screen widget that you can use to start or stop recording calls manually. 

The biggest downside to this platform is that it doesn’t work with VoIP calls. So, if you frequently talk over WhatsApp, Skype, or another app, Blackbox Call Recorder won’t be able to capture those conversations.


(Image credit: Just Press Record )

4. Just Press Record

Call recording app for iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Works with iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch

Record from AirPods

Automatic transcription

Edit audio files in the app

Backup only syncs with iCloud

Doesn’t support VoIP

Complex interface

Doesn’t support automatic call recording

Just Press Record is easily the best call recorder software for iPhones if you’re willing to pay—the app costs $4.99. Part of what makes this app great, especially for Apple fans, is that it’s available for iPad and the Apple Watch as well. You can record from your device’s microphone or from AirPods. 

This recorder also features automatic transcription in over 30 languages. You can edit transcripts in a notepad-like tool within the app to get your recordings just right. All of the text is searchable within the app, too. 

What’s more, Just Press Record supports audio editing. You can view the waveform of your audio file and cut out parts you don’t need to save space on your device.


(Image credit: Rev Call Recorder )

5. Rev Call Recorder

A free recording app for iPhone users

Free to use

No ads

Share recordings easily

No time or contact restrictions

Only for US phone numbers

Doesn’t record VoIP calls

No automatic cloud backups

Doesn’t offer a security lock

Rev Call Recorder is completely free call recorder software for iPhones. There are no limits or in-app ads, but keep in mind you can only register for this app if you have a US phone number. 

The app is somewhat simple, but gets the basic features right. It records high-quality audio and you can share the files via email, text, or cloud app. That said, you can’t record VoIP calls with Rev, and the app won’t automatically backup your recordings to the cloud for safekeeping. There’s also no way to set the app to automatically record all incoming and outgoing calls.

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