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AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, and even Mint Mobile are making it easier to reach friends and family in Ukraine – Android Police

As Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues, US carriers are stepping up to make it easier to stay connected with affected friends and family during the ongoing conflict. T-Mobile, US Cellular, AT&T, and Verizon are all reducing or waiving the costs associated, though the details vary a little from carrier to carrier.


Postpaid and prepaid consumer and business customers on AT&T, including VoIP and landline services, can enjoy unlimited long-distance calling from the US to Ukraine. Unlimited texts to Ukraine are already offered with some of AT&T’s plans.

Notably, AT&T doesn’t seem to extend this to inbound calls from Ukraine, as some other carriers do. AT&T is offering this from February 26th through March 7th.

Mint Mobile

It hasn’t been publicly announced, but a Mint Mobile spokesperson tells us it is reaching out individually and directly to those impacted (a very small number of subscribers, we’re told) and issuing free credits and calling, with the following message:

Our thoughts are with the people of Ukraine. We want to help you stay connected with your loved ones abroad and are offering free calling to Ukraine for the next 14-days. Be safe.

Based on the information provided, Mint’s offer extends to sometime around the 11th-13th.


T-Mobile says it is waiving long-distance charges for calls and SMS messages to and from Ukraine. On top of that, it’s also waiving roaming charges for T-Mobile subscribers in Ukraine, including calls made to local Ukraine numbers. This applies to both T-Mobile and Sprint postpaid and prepaid consumer and business customers.

This waiver will remain in effect from February 24th to March 3rd.

US Cellular

It might be smaller, but even US Cellular is offering its support to Ukraine, making calls to the country from the US free. Outbound calls from Ukraine to US Cellular customers will not have international dialing rates applied, though presumably other more standard rates may. These benefits are automatic for postpaid customers, while Pre-paid customers whose plans allow international dialing can call 1-888-944-9400 or *611 to receive credits for calls.

US Cellular’s arrangement will last longer than the other carriers by default, extending from February 25th to March 31st.


Big red is waiving charges entirely from calls to and from Ukraine for postpaid consumer and business customers, including those on a landline. Outbound calls are explicitly rated at $0.00 per minute. Voice and text roaming charges for customers in Ukraine have also been suspended, and customers with international coverage plans can call Ukraine without using any of their minutes.

Verizon’s extending this offer from February 25th through March 10th.

Other US-based MVNOs like Google Fi and Visible haven’t announced any similar offers for those reaching loved ones in Ukraine at the time of writing, but that could change.

UPDATE: 2022/02/27 12:56 EST BY RYNE HAGER

Mint Mobile

A representative from Mint Mobile informs us it is reaching out directly to customers affected with a similar offer compared to other carriers, and our coverage has been updated.

Carriers often waive fees like these in the event of natural disasters. In 2020, the US carriers collectively forgave late payments and restrained from terminating service due to the pandemic. They’ve also dropped fees associated with communications to specific markets like this before, as in the case of Italy’s big earthquake in 2016, Hurricane Barry in 2019, and Hurricane Laura in 2020.

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