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Amazon Ugadi Sale: Up To 40% Off On Mobile Phones, Smart TVs And Other Electronics


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Amazon has been consistently amazing its customers with generous and off-the-charts offers and discounts for various occasions. The latest offer in the pipeline is the Amazon Ugadi sale that avails attractive discounts on electronic gadgets. Since Ugadi is considered a New Year in India, people usually use this occasion to create new amends and buy new apparels and appliances for themselves and others. Customers have the chance to get up to 40% off on a range of different products. Here is a list of products making it to the Amazon Gudi Padwa sale.

Amazon Ugadi Sale Offers

Smart TVs and Home Theatres

Today, how the world chooses to view entertainment content has changed. Previously, a cinema theatre was perceived as a door to short-lived escapism but it has now become replaceable. With the invention of smart TVs and home theatres, viewers can easily enjoy drifting off in a different reality in the comfort of their home itself. Amazon upcoming sale offers 40% off on these trending electronics from various brands.

Laptops and Tablets

Owing to the lockdown, laptops and tablets have become a necessity today. If a customer is on the lookout for a new laptop, it is advised to wait until Gudi Padwa to get alluring offers on the same. As per the deals listed on Amazon India, these products will be available at up to Rs.30,000 discount.

Discount on Smartwatches

Wondering what to gift your loved ones on the occasion of Gudi Padva without burning your pockets? Smartwatch is not just an accessory anymore but a solution to everything. They don’t just tell time. Their features include an in-built fitness tracker, vital reader and some even have the feature of reading and replying to messages. The Amazon Gudi Padwa sale takes this gadget live on this auspicious occasion at a notable discount.


Bluetooth speakers have become the new cool product in the market. With so many renowned brands rushing to create their own different versions of this gadget, the product has, no doubt, become a compelling buy-out for many. Ugadi will be the perfect occasion to gift yourself or your near and dear with smart speakers as they are on the bid for up to 60% off.


Gifting smartphones is inevitably on the move to being a mandatory tradition for Ugadi. And Amazon is here to let you know that it can be a reasonable venture too. Get a whopping 60% off on various smartphones and accessories related to it. Though there’s no confirmation yet on what brand of smartphones are coming under the list, it has been speculated that various new editions in the market are taking the plunge.

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