what is separating men and women?

Dear Friend,
We hope that this Website will help you to solve some of the relationship problems in your life or to at least to help you look at your romantic problems from a different perspective. We know that this advice from The Masters works – we have tried it ourselves and made wonderful leaps forward.
Many of you will suffer romantic loss in your lives, perhaps this final thought from Master Kwan Yin will help –

This Website takes the time that you want to give. Some patients in consultation asked me how much will the change take. My answer is always the same: “As much as you want to”, “your work will be marking your progress”. From here on you are the one who will say how much energy you devote to this topic that afflicts you. I hope that all the necessary.

“You are all meant to be with your Twin Flames. It is written in everyone’s Life Plan that you will both come together for love, support and spiritual union. Do not despair. Whoever you are, there is someone for you. Work on perfecting yourself making yourself into an angelic being and your brilliant light will guide your partner
to you!”

We wish you much blessings in your search for the Perfect Partner!
Love and Light

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