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There are so many modes of communication used in modern business environments, and it’s tempting to think that telephone lines are less relevant, especially due to the recent growth in video conferencing.

However, professional business phone systems continue to be an important tool for most businesses today.

Business phone system It is diversifying. While traditional PBX and IP PBX services still work in the office, companies are increasingly migrating to VoIP systems, which transfer voice signals in data packets over the Internet. NS Best VoIP Provider It provides low cost features that are difficult to implement with traditional telephone systems.

In this article, we’ll discuss seven reasons why business phone systems are essential for a growing business.

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1. Ease of use

Business phone systems simplify small business communications by consolidating many features in one place. Instead of trying to coordinate some tools for call transfer, call logs, conference calls, online meetings, and call screening, you can do it all in one system.

Business telephone systems offer many features that consumer telephone lines cannot handle. You can configure advanced call notifications, rule-based call screening, and smart call routing. You can also easily integrate your phone system with online tools such as Microsoft Outlook, Google Apps, help desk software, and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

GoToConnect offers a combination of traditional PBX functionality and VoIP apps (Image credit: GoTo)

2. Low cost

Older telephone systems are expensive, bulky, and cumbersome to wire into buildings. It has ongoing maintenance costs and often requires professional support. Relying on consumer phone lines and cell phones quickly becomes expensive.

Business phone systems, especially new systems that use VoIP, are much cheaper to install and run. Many VoIP systems are offsite, so installation and maintenance costs are negligible. It also comes with advanced features that are expensive to implement on a traditional PBX system.

screenshot of ooma office website

Ooma Office plans start at $ 19.95 / user / month (Image credit: RingCentral)

3. Scalability

Your business may initially need only one phone, but soon you will need 50, making your consumer phone system less scalable. The new telephone infrastructure needed to keep up with this growth is expensive, time consuming to install, confusing, and error prone. And what happens when your business settles down later? You have to pay for 50 phone lines that you rarely use.

New business phone systems, especially VoIP and cloud-based systems, can be scaled to meet your business needs. It’s easy and cheap to add new phone lines when you need them and shrink them when you don’t. You can add and remove features such as call transfer without investing in new physical hardware. This scalability is a major reason why companies are booming and switching to VoIP.

Screenshots of the RingCentral Office website

RingCentral Office can be expanded from one user to over 1000 users (Image credit: RingCentral)

4. Privacy

If you rely on your personal phone number for business, it’s only a matter of time before your work life breaks into your personal life. Providing your mobile number to your customers is empowering at first because you can leave the office while you work. But that also means they can call you at any time. This can be a problem when you are trying to balance work and life.

Now consider how many companies are happy with their employees using their devices for work phones. Customer contact data and call logs are stored on your personal device. This is dangerous because business data will be exposed if the phone is lost or stolen. Or, if employees leave the company, they bring back your proprietary client data.

The business phone system separates work and personal calls. You can easily separate your work calls by using a different phone number. You can also set up automatic forwarding rules to allow others to contact you only when you think it is appropriate.

Woman using her iPhone for work

Business phone system helps keep work and personal life separate (Image credit: Unsplash)

5. Professionalism

Most entrepreneurs who succeed in growing their business prove that it is important to always project a professional image. Even when your business is small, it needs to look and act like one of the more established institutions in your niche.

A good business phone system not only makes your business look big, but also suggests that clients and potential clients have the skills and ability to solve business problems. You can create an atmosphere of self-confidence and professionalism by quickly routing calls to the right people, delivering high-quality voice email, and tracking customer needs with the right tools.

Give callers an impressive customer support service with just a few steps, such as holding music, seamlessly transferring calls between your office phone and your mobile phone, or transferring calls to others in your company. Can be provided.

6. Business continuity

The idea of ​​business hours is almost gone. As more and more businesses come online and expand into the international market, consumers are increasingly expecting 24/7 service across multiple time zones. They don’t want to hear that you are absent, at lunch break, or unavailable for other reasons.

With the Business Phone system, you can work from anywhere using the same central number. If you’re on a call, you can route the call to another person or provide voice mail.

As your business grows, you can add automated agents to help answer some customer questions without the need for human intervention, or at least forward your customers’ calls to the right team. These features greatly improve the customer experience. This is because people are no longer told to call back at another time.

Man using a laptop for a call

You can make important calls from anywhere with the business phone system (Image credit: Unsplash)

7. Collaboration

Business phone systems improve communication between you and your customers, as well as within your company. Teamwork and productivity are improved when employees can easily interconnect without getting out of their seats.

The centralized business phone system makes it easy to share resources. Instead of each member of the sales team keeping their own list of customer data, you can pair your business phone system with CRM or help desk software so that everyone can collaborate in sales as a team. Everyone can see notes about when the customer was called, what the customer’s status is, and who is processing the query.

A woman using a VoIP phone at home

Increase productivity and teamwork when employees are free to use the right tools (Image credit: Unsplash)


Business phone systems are an important tool for modern businesses who want to project a professional atmosphere. Even small businesses can take advantage of features such as call waiting, call forwarding, and music on hold to provide a better experience for their customers.

Modern business telephone systems use offsite exchange and VoIP to reduce the cost of telephone communications. Exciting features such as rule-based call screening, advanced call notifications, and smart call routing are all available at a very low cost. And when your business grows, it’s easy and cheap to grow your phone system with it.

Simply put, business telephone systems offer significant advantages over consumer telephone systems for almost every enterprise.

For more information on the benefits of VoIP, see our article. What is VoIP: A Guide to Business.

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