work headphones 190820

5 tech gadgets that will make you more productive than all your coworkers


work headphones 190820

Gadgets are shortcuts to productivity, and it seems like there is a technical gadget for just about everything imaginable these days. 

Many gadgets just get in the way. But, others help to make us more focused, efficient, and successful in our professional careers. 

Here is a look at five tech gadgets that every professional should own. 

5 tech gadgets to own (and use)

1. A smartphone

Everybody has a smartphone these days. But, not everybody uses their smartphones in a smart way. Smartphones have a way of becoming a distraction if we aren’t careful. When used right, these clever little devices help us stay connected even when we are outside of our office. 

Use your smartphone for professional business purposes like meeting reminders, sending quick responses to emails, or texting a coworker about something important. Resist using your phone to send lengthy messages or spending hours scrolling through your social media timelines. 

Voice-to-text can help, but make doubly sure to proofread your message before sending it! 

Note that smartwatches can do some of the same things our smartphones can do, but without needing to fish our phone out of our pocket or holster. Smartwatches can be great for meeting reminders and other quick notifications throughout the day. 

2. An adjustable desk

Adjustable desks are wonderful productivity hacks for many professionals. These desks adjust to a standing position or a seated position, sometimes with just a touch of a button. They are a super convenient way to move around during the day, even while you’re working. 

And, they also help us burn more calories. According to Healthline, we burn anywhere from 100 to 200 calories an hour standing compared to 60 to 130 while seated, and may even reduce our risk of diabetes, strokes, and heart attacks. In addition, standing helps our blood flow, which could spark our creative juices and give us new ideas throughout the day.  

3. A step/fitness tracker

There is nothing more important than our health, and this is especially true if you are a professional working inside a climate-controlled office from a comfortable office chair. The more we sit, the fewer steps we take (of course). And, tracking our steps and overall level of fitness can help motivate us to stand up and walk around a bit more during the day. 

From the ultra-popular Fitbit Charge 4 to the Garmin Vivoactive, these fitness trackers can keep track of daily steps, heart rate, minutes of physical activity, sleeping patterns, and even your naps during the day. When connected to your phone, many can even display text messages and the name of the person calling straight from the wearable tracker. 

Look for a fitness tracker that is easily wearable, waterproof, and with good battery life. 

4. A mobile charger

The more that we use our phones and other hand-held devices, the more likely it is that we will run out of battery. Many cars come with built-in USB chargers, but that doesn’t mean that our cars will always be the most convenient place to charge these devices outside of the office. 

Mobile battery chargers like the INFINACORE provide a convenient way to charge any device through a USB or USB-C connection. Charge the mobile charging device at home overnight, then slip it into your bag for the day. Whether you’re at a coffee shop or sitting in traffic in a taxi, your mobile charger will help to keep your devices powered up and ready to go during the day. 

5. A pair of noise-canceling headphones

Even if you don’t listen to music while you work, noise-canceling headphones can cut out enough distractions to help you work from virtually anywhere (yes, including working from home). There is a whole slew of options to consider when buying a good pair of headphones. 

For instance, comfort will be paramount. Earpad cushioning will help make the headphones comfortable for longer periods of time. Long battery life always helps. And, different headphones are better at canceling out certain frequencies than others. 

For instance, the Bose QuietComfort 35 is great at canceling out higher frequencies while the Sennheiser HD1 is more effective at cutting lower frequencies. Other features, like corded vs. cordless, color, and audio quality should be considered before plunking down a few hundred on a quality pair of headphones. 

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