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Is your company growing? We hope it is, but it might mean you will need to move to a bigger office—maybe across town. VoIP phones make it easier to pick up and move, which means it will be faster to start serving your customers again. Here are five advantages VoIP telephones have over traditional landlines.

phone call

phone call

1. VoIP systems save time. How much time does your front office staff answering questions such as what your business hours are or what your address is? VoIP systems can use an automated attendant to answer those questions for you.

2. Seamlessly work from home. More and more companies are hiring employees out of state or abandoning the idea of working out of an office altogether. The trouble comes with figuring out how to transfer calls or get people a work phone number. But with VoIP systems, you can have one phone number for your business and either transfer calls, assign extension numbers, or both. Employees keep their privacy, and your customers won’t have any idea Jack from Accounting and Jill from Production aren’t sitting right next to each other.

3. Save money. With VoIP systems, domestic long-distance charges become a thing of the past. Check your phone bill and imagine the number representing your domestic long-distance charges vanishing. That’s how it is with VoIP.

4. Never miss that sale. Headed to a sales conference but you’re waiting for that important client to call you back? With VoIP telephone systems, you can have your phone number or extension automatically forward calls to your cell phone. Return your customer’s call during a conference break and make that sale, all without revealing your personal phone number.

5. Add phones as needed. Adding another VoIP phone is a simple process, unlike adding another landline. Once the number of telephone wires in the typical office building are used-up, to add another could be an expensive and time-consuming production.

Adopt a phone system that can grow with your company, ensure your customers can get ahold of you, save you money, and save you time. Contact TekStop to learn more about VoIP phone systems.

TekStop provides Managed IT Service, computer repair, networking, and more for your business and home. Contact TekStop for service today at 928-583-4454 or tekstopaz.com.

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