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Whether you were forced to go remote recently or already had a remote work setup in place, VoIP telephones should be your top option for communication. Even if you feel like your current setup works, it is probably holding you back without you realizing it.

If you don’t know what VoIP is, it stands for Voice-Over-Internet protocol, and it allows you to make calls via an internet connection rather than a regular phone line. This allows VoIP to do much more than your regular phone and could help you coordinate your remote team better. Here are a few reasons why VoIP is a great option for remote teams.

More Flexibility

If you want to know how a VoIP service can improve your business, you have to understand the limitations of landlines. VoIP is much more flexible in comparison, and any business, not only remote ones, should consider it for that reason. With VoIP, you could be anywhere in the world with an internet connection and receive or send business calls from your primary phone number. Forwarding is also extremely easy and usually comes included. Receiving and sending international calls is cheaper through VoIP as well, which makes it perfect if you have to deal with workers from other countries.

Speaking of which, choosing VoIP could be a blessing if you ever decide to move to another country. You could end up somewhere with very poor landline service, but great internet. Having a VoIP system would allow you to experience as little disruption as possible and only have to deal with one company if there are any issues.

VoIP Systems Are More Secure

Businesses are often unaware of how much risk they are exposing themselves to when moving to remote working. Allowing people to work from their personal computers puts your entire network at risk and this could give people the opportunity to intercept important information.

If you use a secure service for VoIP calls, you’ll want to make sure that your communications are safe at all times. Calls and voicemails will be tougher to access and conversations easier to block from intruders through a secure VoIP server than through a random video call app as well.

Easier Collaboration

VoIP systems also make collaboration much easier. These systems can be routed to virtually any device and allow you to transition from live chat to phone conference easily. Transcripts of conversations can be recorded and saved for reference. You can also send transcripts to members of the team that couldn’t attend conferences.


Lower costs are also a great reason to move to VoIP. You can set up a VoIP phone line for a fraction of the cost of installing a regular system. If you decide to move locations, all you’ll need is to have one service installed to be up and running again. This means that you may never have to pay for a phone line installation ever again.

These are all reasons why you should think about switching to VoIP if you want to work remotely or allow your employees to do so. Speak with a few service providers today and see if it could be a viable option for your business.



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