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15 Mobile Commerce Trends of 2021 to Know | Techfunnel – TechFunnel

Final Thoughts

With the future of the way online businesses operate being influenced by the trends mentioned above, users can connect with brands, purchase products, and have multiple ways to pay for services at lightning speed. From in-store, to desktops, to tablets and mobile devices, they way businesses serve consumers and how consumers buy products has evolved just as much as technology itself. As gadgets get more sleeker, the faster the monetary exchange process becomes.

People used to have to stop by the bank and withdraw money from their accounts in order to be able to buy something. Now consumers have mobile banking apps, digital wallets, and even encrypted digital income to purchase products within seconds. It is hard to imagine what will be next in the trend of e-commerce technology.

Instead of a click of a button, will users be able to buy products in the blink of an eye, literally? With newer technologies like Google Glass, even though it is not yet on the market for mass use, it can give one an idea of how hands-free technology might eventually be the future of online buying.

Instead of with a blink of an eye, will companies be able to advertise to consumers based on their thoughts? We have all had moments where we were searching for a product to potentially solve a problem that we have, then moments later an advertisement for the same product shows up on the side of our screens. If that process becomes cerebral through a mere chip implanted in our brains…it sounds crazy. But, at one point in the past, the thought of buying items online seemed infeasible.

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