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Traditional landline phones have been our comrade in thick and thin, for centuries. It was admittedly one of the greatest human-made inventions in the books of history whose contribution in the human race’s upliftment can’t be disregarded. However, as time progresses, some new inventions like VoIP in the world of telecommunication have transcended this old-school means of communication. The VoIP-based office or business phone system is capable of doing more than you could ever imagine with the traditional landline-based office system.

VoIP or Voice over Internet Protocol is one of the most revolutionary inventions in history that has changed the face of communication in every respect. Unlike the traditional landline phone system, it doesn’t demand hefty upfront costing, can be operated from anywhere, and demand nothing at the name of system maintenance. All of this possible as it transmits the voice data over the internet.

By using a VoIP gateway, it converts voice signals into data packets and transmits through any of the Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. This mere change in voice signal transmission has helped businesses to advance their operations office Phone Systems at multiple levels and convinced them to ditch their old landline-based office phone system now.

This is what you will be doing if you do not make the switch. You will be bound to bear high upfront investment and call-incurring charges. In the case of the landline phone system, you are transmitting voice data through copper-based wires, forced to operate only from the physically deployed landline phones, paying high call incurring charges, and spending a lot of your hard-earned money in the system maintenance.

Also, going global becomes a matter of concern as international calling is way too costly with the landline phone system. In that way, you are getting low ROI and profit for your business, so you’re likely to thrive in the market at a very slow speed.

Do you want to thrive like this perpetually? 

With VoIP, you need not do that.

– Transmission of voice signals over an internet connection is far cheaper than transmission on copper-wire.

– It doesn’t demand much of hardware and software for proper functioning. If you are using a virtual number for your business, it can work from your regular mobile device. For VoIP-based call center software, the hardware that you need is just a good quality headphone.

– In the case of a hosted phone system, everything will be installed and maintained through your VoIP service provider. You only need to pay a fixed monthly payment for everything, including call services, hardware, and software installation, regular updates, and system maintenance. This is far more pocket-friendly than availing annual maintenance fees for your landline phone system.

– Going global is a cakewalk with this. You can download the calling app, get a virtual phone number, connect your smartphone or any other data-driven device with Wi-Fi connection available nearby, and make easy-on-the-pocket international calls.

– You will not be able to have unified business communication.

With your old landline-based office phone system, you can only communicate with the customers, vendors, and business associates via calls. But, do you know that around 90% of customers think dropping a mail is far better than calling? While your customers are choosing various other communication means, the legit question to ask here is:

Can you handle all of them with the landline phone system?

Certainly not. You need to have a separate platform for this. VoIP drops this need by integrating unified communication with your office phone system. It supports SMS, emails, voicemail, video chat, and even chatbot-based communication from a single platform that simply indicates that you can answer customers queries made in any format and expand your communication capabilities.

You can’t work beyond your office boundaries. Using a landline phone system makes your operation restricted inside your office premises only. When office hours are over, you are forced to close the work no matter how important it is. You can’t make any sales calls to the customers, receive the queries, and pitch in your services. This sequentially limits your sales and revenue.

While your counterparts are reaping business success regardless of time and location, can you subdue your productivity?

You shouldn’t unless you don’t want to be a market leader. Adopting a VoIP-based hosted phone system is what you need at this point. By using this, you can easily set up a remote workstation that is accessible from anywhere. For example, if you are using UK local phone number in London (020), you can set up a call center for your business at leisure.

Your VoIP service provider can also provide you the calling app, which can be operated from any of the data-driven devices. As it works on cloud space, you may access, export, import, and use the stored data (related to your customers and business) from anywhere.

Old is Gold, and we also comprehend the fact. However, some old stuff becomes irrelevant as time changes. In that case, you should accept the latest tool to be in sync with time. So, ditch your old phone system today and get a VoIP office system now.

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