Wednesday , 12 December 2018
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ZTE takes on the future with new logo, M-ICT strategy

ZTE takes on the future with new logo, M-ICT strategy

ZTE has unveiled a redesigned logo, presenting a new corporate identity that is aligned with its strategy to focus on transformative value-added M-ICT innovations for consumers, carriers, enterprises and organisations. Under the new M-ICT strategy, ZTE wants to drive innovations, as mobile connectivity and cloud-based technologies reshape the digital landscape. In the M-ICT world envisioned by ZTE, the growth of mobility will equip a growing number of new devices and objects with the capability to connect and communicate with each other or with humans in real-time.

The new ZTE slogan, “Tomorrow never waits”, reflects the company’s ongoing commitment to providing customers with access to technology that will define the future. The rounded design and lighter color of the new ZTE logo reflects the company’s new CGO philosophy (Cool – Green – Open), which will drive innovations that are dynamic, youthful and compelling to users, sustainable and environmentally responsible, as well as open-minded and collaborative.

CEO Shi Lirong said the new strategy will open up a total addressable market of USD 3.5 trillion for ZTE, far bigger than the USD 350 billion telecommunications market. ZTE’s new CGO Laboratory will focus on innovations in emerging new technologies such as wireless charging for vehicles.

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