Wednesday , 26 June 2019
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Vodafone MVNO claims ‘it’s possible to over innovate’

Vodafone MVNO claims ‘it’s possible to over innovate’

Vodafone MVNO claims ‘it’s possible to over innovate

Talkmobile has criticised it’s UK rivals for over complicating the mobile market, claiming that it’s possible to over innovate.

The Vodafone MVNO told Mobile that despite the influx of new products and services, consumers don’t want to be inundated with options.

Sales and marketing manager Stuart Wilson said: ‘If you look at some of our competitors there’s too many options and it is possible to over innovate. Then you have customers saying actually we don’t need all of this. We keep things simple and that allows us to keep prices low. We’re a small team and we take a no frills approach to the market. We don’t have a retail presence, we keep our handset portfolio nice and slim so we’re not holding stock that we don’t sell.

‘The MVNO space is very competitive and there’s many players dropping out. This market is all about finding your niche and finding it fast. It’s tough, people are by and large often quite happy with where they are so you need to do something very good to warrant people coming over to you.’

SIM-only strengths

Talkmobile focus primarily on the SIM-only side of the market, a strategy which Wilson said enables the MVNO to play to its strengths and strip back tariffs to the main things consumers want, starting with data. The business recently launched it’s latest SIM-only plan which will offer consumers 15GB of data for a monthly cost of £15.

‘Our primary focus is the handset, minutes, texts and data,’ he said, ‘now we’re questioning if even need the handset. Data is more and more becoming an important currency in mobile. People live and die by apps and the market is increasingly becoming whatsapp vs text and very data heavy. That’s what people can’t live without.

‘We focus on SIM-only because it’s a very simple proposition. It’s simple to buy into, you don’t need to buy extras and that plays to our strengths. We don’t do phone trading, broadband or fancy TV packages. Our business model is about staying lean and passing savings onto customer. If we want to be good value we have to strip it back. There’s others who will do extras and we’re not that kind of company because we don’t think it’s great value.’

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