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Vodafone Australia adds eight new destinations to its $5 roaming deal –

Vodafone Australia adds eight new destinations to its $5 roaming deal –

Travellers to Israel, Taiwan or Sri Lanka can now roam on Vodafone for just $5 a day.

Ever since it launched its $5 international roaming deal, Vodafone has been the Australian carrier to beat in terms of simplicity when travelling abroad. The deal itself really does do what it suggests it might, offering roaming abroad in selected countries for a flat $5 charge, which buys you access to whatever the inclusions on your plan might already be. It’s a flat $5 charge whether you make one call, send one text or use a single kilobyte of data, but compared to many roaming setups it could well be much cheaper than standard roaming charges, and it’s certainly much easier.

Vodafone Australia has just announced its eight latest destinations to offer the $5 roaming deal, taking Israel, Taiwan, Chile, Sri Lanka, Nauru, Jersey, Guernsey, and Isle of Man into the fold. That’s not quite the same thing as eight new countries given nearly half of that list is in the UK, but it does widen the scope under which you could use the deal.

Vodafone competitor Telstra has recently altered its own roaming deals to encompass a flat $10/day charge, but that’s not for your plan inclusions, but instead for unlimited calls and texts alongside 100MB of data usage. Unless you’re on a lower-tier Vodafone plan (or you’ve used up most of your monthly data before you travel) that’s likely to be more expensive than Vodafone’s offering. Then again, for medium to long term travel, you’d be better off with a dedicated roaming SIM or locally sourced SIM card at your destination.

Vodafone $5 Roaming Destinations
Albania Denmark India Malta Romania Sweden
Austria England Indonesia Monaco Samoa Switzerland
Belgium Estonia Ireland Montenegro Scotland Taiwan
Brazil Fiji Israel Nauru Serbia Thailand
Bulgaria Finland Italy Netherlands Singapore Tonga
Canada France Japan New Zealand Slovak Republic Turkey
Chile Germany Jersey, Guernsey and Isle of Man Northern Ireland Slovenia USA
China Greece Latvia Norway Solomon Islands Vanuatu
Croatia Hong Kong Lithuania Papua New Guinea South Africa Wales
Cyprus Hungary Luxembourg Poland Spain
Czech Republic Iceland Malaysia Portugal Sri Lanka

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