Friday , 25 May 2018
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UK first as Welsh MVNO launched

UK first as Welsh MVNO launched

UK first as Welsh MVNO launched

UK’s first network targeting one particular country has launched, RWG Mobile will aim to meet the service needs of mobile customers in Wales specifically.

Hosted on Three’s network through the x-Mobility MVNE platform. The new brand hopes it will stand out by giving customers multiple numbers and profiles on one device, as well as free calls over the internet. Its customer service team will be based in Wales with staff who can speak in both English and Welsh.

The MVNO will begin operating virtually through an app to begin with and will then make the transition to a SIM-based offering.

‘Compete with the big networks’

Founder and CEO Andrew Davies said that the new MVNO would look to compete with the industry’s established players: ‘RWG Mobile will compete with the big networks and other MVNOs, matching them in areas like connection speeds, international dialing and call rates but providing a user experience, customer service support and additional benefits that have a distinct Welsh identity.

‘No other country or region of the UK has its own mobile network, so we set out to create a communications provider and a service that reflects and understands the needs of the Welsh population.’

The idea of a national MVNO was something that Shanks Kulam co-Founder and CMO at partner x-Mobility bought in to ‘Creating services that will specifically cater to a Welsh audience is a great concept for an MVNO. New MVNOs, such as RWG Mobile can now create new business models that open up new possibilities for subscribers about how they use their phone and their number.’

Davies explained that he plans to expand the RWG brand into ‘financial services, offering prepaid debit cards that can be used at ATMs, in-store or online with full internet e-banking capabilities and attractive loyalty programmes.’

Zak Garner-Purkis Editor

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